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Reaktor works with Liverpool FC on a new digital experience for fan engagement

May 20, 2021

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Reaktor launches a project with one of the most widely supported football teams in the world, Liverpool FC. The initiative begins with a redesign of Designed by our creative studio Reaktor Creative, we are turning the site into an unbeatable destination for football fans and a benchmark for the sports industry.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, football teams around the world have played matches to largely empty stadiums. Yet fans have tuned in: global media businesses have charted record viewing numbers across the Premier League over recent months. 

The pandemic has undoubtedly sped up the digitalization of the sports industry, and specifically, its means of fan engagement. Whilst Liverpool FC were already in the midst of reinventing their digital platforms and experiences, the current environment has accelerated plans and brought in some changes.

Liverpool FC is striving to create an integrated digital estate, which means every fan can go to one place for everything and have their own “My LFC” world. This means more than just changing the veneer of engagement and putting a nice gloss over existing experiences to make them feel different.  

“Our supporters are at the heart of everything we do, and so we wanted to create a single digital Liverpool FC fan experience for them wherever they are in the world. Investing in a more robust digital presence has enabled us to bring our fans what they most want to see when they want to see it,” says Drew Crisp, SVP of Digital at Liverpool FC. 

Reinventing the ultimate fan experience 

Designed by our creative brand studio Reaktor Creative, Liverpool FC’s future digital home will allow the team to take full ownership of all its digital content. 

Together we’re rebuilding fan journeys, reengineering underlying infrastructure so we can persist a fan’s identity across products, plugging the experiential layers into the personalization, and journey orchestration platforms.  

The new centralized hub at will host not only unique content but also an array of exclusive Liverpool FC experiences, including breaking news, LFC rewards, access to merchandise, and over time so much more. The strategy is to create a single entry point for a Fan so they can more easily navigate to what they want to see, read, and do. It enables not only further optimization of the fan experience online but also easier integration of new products and experiences.

Crisp goes on to say, “Reaktor really understood the strategy and direction we’re headed, how we want to start this journey and what we’re looking to create for the long term. They had the right blend of visionary thinking, creative design, and technical expertise”.

Putting the fans on a pedestal

Liverpool FC is certainly not adopting the once and done approach. They’re very much building a set of integrated components and underlying capabilities, such as permissions management, single sign-on, and data management so that the Fan experience is consistent across every product.  

“Liverpool FC came to us for a holistic view to creating a rich fan experience and telling the right story online. Our path to success will be keeping the fans right at the center of everything we do. Luckily we have some in the team,” says Niclas Kristiansson, Executive Creative Director at Reaktor Creative.

Reaktor and Reaktor Creative’s experience in building sophisticated large-scale digital products and ecosystems sets the organizations up for success. 

“Our creative studio specializes in design and storytelling, works as an integral part of Reaktor, and helps brands be culturally connected and act purpose first. Our endeavor with Liverpool FC is a perfect example of technology and content serving not only brand and business, but also tens of millions of humans that love their club,” describes Kristiansson.

“Reaktor really understood the strategy and direction we’re headed. They had the right blend of visionary thinking, creative design, and technical expertise.”

Drew Crisp, SVP of Digital, Liverpool FC

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