Lara Saulo and Tanja Dowe join Reaktor’s board of directors

Lara Saulo and Tanja Dowe
Lara Saulo and Tanja Dowe joined Reaktor's board at the turn of the year. (Photos: Fazer & Debiopharm)
February 8, 2022

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To further drive global growth and strengthen industry specialization, Reaktor welcomes two new members to its board of directors: Lara Saulo and Tanja Dowe. “They’ve already exceeded our expectations,” says chairman Mika Sutinen.

Reaktor strengthens its board of directors with two established experts of global growth and leadership: Lara Saulo and Tanja Dowe. The board was looking for robust experience and vision in areas complementing the current members’ knowledge to support the company’s new strategy.

Lara Saulo has an extensive leadership background in a global consulting business. She’s led several operations and HR in Boston Consulting Group Nordic for more than ten years and is currently working as a Managing Director at Fazer.

“Reaktor truly is a trailblazer. I’ve already got to witness its extraordinary brand and culture up close: people, collaboration, and expert experience are at the heart of everything the company does,” Saulo describes her first encounters with the Reaktor community.

“Reaktor’s growth and the fierce talent wars of the tech industry require us to carefully reflect on the business and have the courage to renew ways of thinking and working. The company has exceptional means to succeed as long as the strategy is sharp and the minds open to fresh types of leadership and structure.”

“Reaktor’s growth and the fierce talent wars of the tech industry require us to carefully reflect on the business and have the courage to renew ways of thinking and working.”

Tanja Dowe is an investment and management professional in digital health and life sciences. She’s currently the CEO of Debiopharm Innovation Fund that invests in digital health companies transforming patient journeys and pharma R&D through data and AI. 

With offices in Europe, North America, and Japan, Reaktor accelerates its global growth by specializing in strategically relevant industries, such as digital health.

“The timing is just right: Reaktor is at the forefront of developing digital solutions for the healthcare industry. Starting from Finland and other Nordic countries which are frontrunners in digital health, Reaktor has built strong foundations to become the global industry leader in this field. Reaktor has the unique ability to combine consumer-centricity with entire digital architectures for healthcare providers,” Dowe says.

Two of Reaktor’s founders, Vesa Lauronen and Antti Mäkelä, are also part of the board. The chairman is Mika Sutinen, a strategy expert and former CEO in a number of growth companies.

“We did a thorough global search for new board members and the result exceeded all our expectations. Saulo and Dowe have already actively contributed to our strategic initiatives, such as developing our operating model and leadership, and strengthening our skills as an expert organization,” says Sutinen.

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