Cassandra Shapiro & Jasmin Assulin to scale Reaktor’s global DEI work

Jasmin Assulin and Cassandra Shapiro
December 5, 2022

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Cassandra Shapiro from Reaktor’s Amsterdam community and Jasmin Assulin from deidei will scale global diversity, equity, and inclusion work at Reaktor as a new DEI Duo.

Cassandra Shapiro has been working at Reaktor for 3 years in growth marketing and business development. In addition, Shapiro has been a trailblazer in DEI work at Reaktor: from building surveys and shaping strategies, to organizing intensive courses, and finding ways to enhance diversity in recruitment, she’s already a trusted DEI voice. 

Jasmin Assulin is the CEO and co-founder of the Helsinki-based diversity, equity, and inclusion agency deidei. Following a customized training series for Reaktor in 2021, the collaboration expanded and deidei was brought on to be the external partner for Reaktor’s global DEI efforts.

The duo combines the best of domain expertise and Reaktor know-how

Together, the internal Global Head of DEI Shapiro and the external Global Head of DEI Assulin form a DEI Duo. 

“To us, our work in diversity, equity, and inclusion will help support a culture of openness and psychological safety, where people feel welcome and emboldened to make a difference. The DEI Duo model is fantastic because together we get to be a true T-shaped team, integrating my broad understanding of Reaktor’s work landscape with Jasmin’s deep knowledge of DEI concepts and practices”, Shapiro says. 

By virtue of a low-hierarchy, high-autonomy approach, Reaktor has always endeavored to build the concept of equity and inclusion into its working culture and processes. Now, Reaktor takes the next step, moving from locally-focused initiatives to global programs. 

“We want to do our part in paving the way for more inclusive tech — both from a people and a product perspective. World-changing products and services can only be built by high-performing teams that serve the needs of a diverse set of users. Having an inclusive environment where diversity is embraced is a major enabler for fostering these exceptional teams that are building the future services for all of us”, says Reaktor’s CEO Sampo Pasanen.

More inclusive tech: Both from the people and the product perspective

“The first step on the Duo’s table is a global DEI survey, which will provide Reaktor with concrete data about the current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of the talent communities. After understanding the current state globally, we will start building a target – a DEI strategy for Reaktor as a whole“, Jasmin Assulin says.

Then, the focus will not rely solely on improving diversity, which is something many corporate DEI programs do.

“Employee inclusion and belonging need to be a priority — it’s the right thing to do. We’re looking at ways to elevate equity through our employee development programs and growing talent communities”, Shapiro notes.

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