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Shaping the future of preventive healthcare: Nightingale and Reaktor announce partnership

May 4, 2021

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Reaktor launches a strategic partnership with the rapidly growing health technology company Nightingale. Together we’ll scale the pioneering health data platform to empower individuals and the health industry around the globe.

The future of healthcare is prevention rather than cure. 

Nightingale’s path-breaking platform aims to do just that: its unique blood analysis technology and software provide comprehensive health data that detects a person’s risk of lifestyle related diseases. 

The recently listed health tech pioneer is now bringing disease prevention and a healthier life within everyone’s reach. To fulfill their mission, they turned to Reaktor for end-to-end expertise in premium software development, design, digital strategy, and modern brand building.

“Reaktor has proven to be a top player in developing digital solutions, crafting a seamless customer experience, and designing consumer-driven health services. We share the belief in the power of small teams when pursuing great things,” says Teemu Suna, Founder and CEO of Nightingale.

The goal: 100 million users

The preventive healthcare market is expected to reach $432.4 billion by 2024. Nightingale’s mission is to make disease prevention accessible, and the company looks to scale its services globally. 

“There is a global megatrend of consumers wanting to manage and improve their personal health. Nightingale’s services are a combination of a strong scientific foundation, customer-driven solutions, and international aspiration,” describes Sampo Pasanen, CEO of Reaktor.

The objective of the freshly announced partnership is to support the rapid expansion of the commercial B2B and B2C operations of Nightingale’s platform. The integrated team of experts from Reaktor and Nightingale collaborates closely on the company’s strategic initiatives to make preventive health easy and accessible for everyone.

“We believe that Reaktor can significantly contribute to Nightingale’s long-term goal: 100 million people using our health data platform.”

Teemu Suna, Founder and CEO, Nightingale

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