Leveling up: Great games deliver great digital experiences

Strategic partnerships can help gaming companies scale and still focus on doing what they do best. Reaktor’s multi-talented teams help you keep the player community front and center.

Modern, successful games are masterpieces in more ways than one. They’re designed for the players, developed as holistic experiences, and scaled to digital perfection. From crafting joy to building unforgettable gaming moments, digital solutions must serve your community.

Reaktor has teamed up with the world’s largest gaming companies like Supercell and Rovio to help them focus on and succeed in what they do best: the games.


  • Team up strategically to focus on what matters most: the game
  • Keep the players and the community front and center
  • Work with cutting-edge technology to win the competition
  • Design, build, and scale breakthrough digital products


Growing a good game to a successful one takes more than exceptional game design. Whether it’s switching from one device to another, purchasing the latest skin as a gift, or the seasonal campaign kick-off, games must deliver a seamless, lagless experience from start to finish. 

As the gaming industry has matured, so has the level of expectation for quality. The time players spend with games is on the rise. With tens of thousands of games to choose from in the billion-dollar global market, modern gamers know they can expect nothing less than the best. 

It’s all in the details. Confusing interface and bugs can demotivate players and lead to a game losing the player base. In some cases, just a wonky sign-up process before gameplay can lower the number of users by a third. Customer service is equally important: If a player needs to spend time troubleshooting, they’re not spending time playing. 

Reaktor has a proven track record in helping gaming companies rise above the competition, with expertise in cutting-edge software and technology built to scale, user-centered UI/UX design, and business strategy. Teaming up with Reaktor allows both the game studio and the gaming community to focus on the one thing that matters the most – the play.

“We approached Reaktor for the external technical expertise that we lacked and needed to develop Supercell ID. What we actually got was far more than that – people who execute on the technical front as well as contribute to driving the vision. With their help, we are delivering a product superior to what we originally had in mind.”

Timur Haussila, Game Lead, Supercell

It’s dangerous to go alone

Leverage a multidisciplinary approach to ensure success

Growing in-house capabilities outside a company’s core expertise is a resource-heavy and risky effort. It’s often more sensible to band together and outsource. As both the gaming community’s aspirations and technical possibilities for games continue to expand, gaming companies must balance sustainable growth with great expectations and increasing demand.

Efficient digital services are built in layers, requiring a variety of multidisciplinary skills. Whether it’s delivering an advanced customer experience or increasing employee traction, working with a multi-talented team is the key to success. 

Reaktor’s co-creative approach helps gaming companies grow and scale. Our culture encourages knowledge sharing and enables us to gather all the necessary know-how around the same table. Teaming up with game studios and developers, we strive to find the bottlenecks where our technological, business, and branding expertise can increase end-user retention and satisfaction. 

Reaktor helps ambitious game developers design, build, and scale breakthrough digital products

Work with cutting-edge technology

Building scalable, top-notch solutions with the newest tech doesn’t only motivate our developers, it also gives you a competitive advantage.

Collaborate with experience

Majority of our team members are highly experienced in their field. Having worked with the largest gaming companies in the world, we understand both the expectations and the limitations. And it doesn’t hurt that we're avid gamers too!

Solve complex problems as a team

Solving problems is in our DNA and we love a good challenge. Our aim is to find the most difficult cases in our customers’ organization – and then build the solution. From UI to UX, from strategy to software, from concepts to designs, our multifunctional hybrid teams tailor to your specific needs.

Enrich your teams

Reaktorians bring in-depth expertise and knowhow to your teams. And we don’t just sell pairs of hands, we aim to help our customers develop their own organisational capabilities to better navigate and succeed in the digital age. This will help you move quickly and let your teams focus on what they do best.

“We chose Reaktor after an impressive pitch, which showed they not only understood us and our challenges, but also had a vision on how to visually and tonally refresh our corporate brand in line with our mission and values. When COVID-19 hit, we transitioned immediately to remote work, developing super efficient processes and timelines that delivered the project on time”

Stephen Porter, Brand Director, Rovio

For the win

How we’ve helped gaming companies increase game and talent retention

Ensuring millions of Supercell players never lose their game again with Supercell ID 

 Whether you’re hopping back into games after time away or reinstalling on a new device, Supercell ID will always bring you right back where you left off. Reaktor partnered with Supercell’s team of industry-leading professionals to create the service that ensures tens of millions of daily players get the best, most uninterrupted experience possible. Read more

Taking a joy-first branding approach to attract and recruit the best in the business with Rovio 

Reaktor has teamed up with Rovio to solve challenges from payment and currency solutions to ad management and branding. Recently, Rovio wanted to evolve and mature that company brand, to show range, and take the branding beyond the Birds. Particularly important to Rovio was the enticing of new high-level senior creative tech talent in an extremely competitive job market. Reaktor helped long-term partner Rovio up its game with a new company website, designed to attract and recruit the best and the baddest in the business. Read more

“Our partners from Reaktor have effectively become an extension of our core team. We continue to rely on them as highly dependable co-workers that make us better prepared to develop the services that both our games and our players deserve.”

Timur Haussila, Game Lead, Supercell

Continue your quest

Never finished, but continuously scaled and improved

When the experience around the game just works, both you and your community can focus on the game itself. To help you achieve that peace of mind, we deliver with quality and precision.

We work from strategy to deployment and back. Our approach of iterative strategy design and product deployment provides unbroken feedback loops and quick, agile product management. We help in designing your product strategy, finding the right product concepts, designing and developing the end-to-end digital product – and in an industry of unparalleled know-how of utilizing data, we help you measure the results too.

The process is a continuous, iterative loop of constant improvement, allowing you to continue developing unforgettable moments in games.

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