A podcast about topics developers obsess over.

What is the one thing you would happily commit all your working (or waking, even) hours to? The topic you think about in the shower, study profusely, cannot shut up about? And, how does it relate to the person you are?

Fork Pull Merge Push is a podcast about topics developers obsess over. From solving unsolvable problems to making coding in the everyday easier, Esko Lahti talks to engineers around the world about the topics that have sent them down to their deepest, most mind-bending rabbit holes.

This biweekly show is the audible equivalent of a Proggit thread – expect animated discussion, unapologetically nerdy monologues and a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor.

Episode 3 | Feb 25, 2021 | 32m 35s

Time to Ditch the Boilerplate: Safe, Fast and Easy Data Manipulation with Statically Typed Optics

Still writing bespoke functions and boilerplate to immutably manipulate a complex data structure? Statically typed optics will both do the heavy lifting for you, AND give your TypeScript hustle an unforeseen boost.

Episode 2 | Feb 11, 2021 | 53m11s

GraphQL is the God Mode of Web Development

GraphQL has arguably changed the entire paradigm of writing full-stack web applications. In today’s episode, Esko, Ian and Dirk discuss GraphQL, Apollo, and Relay, and why they can, in good conscience, be called a web developer’s cheat codes.

Episode 1 | Jan 28, 2021 | 27m 56s

Will Harmaja be the React Killer we've been waiting for? ft. Juha Paananen, Jussi Saurio

React, it turns out, is not what lies at the end of the web development rainbow. In this episode, Esko, Juha and Jussi talk about achieving super fast user interfaces by combining functional programming techniques and embedding observables directly into the DOM with Harmaja.

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