We are looking for developers from all over the world to join Reaktor in Amsterdam!

And we provide relocation and visa support ✈️ 📦

Open positions

We are a team of 28 nationalities on the lookout for number 29.

Our Amsterdam office was started by a group of Reaktorians travelling from the HQ in Finland to explore a new exciting location. And we haven’t stopped growing our international team of developers and designers ever since. 

We love the range of backgrounds, approaches and ideas as well as the amount of fun that it brings.

Just imagine having lunch with a colleague from Brazil 🇧🇷, discussing a project with Reaktorians from Australia 🇦🇺 and setting up a hobby club with a friendly team-member from South Africa 🇿🇦. 

“We know a thing or two about relocation. Our team has helped 60 people in the last 5 years with getting a visa, settling down in a company apartment and getting a smooth start of the Amsterdam life. ”

We’ve accumulated all our knowledge and experience in the Reaktor relocation guide.  

What do we offer you:

🔖 Visa sponsorship (Reaktor is listed as an IND sponsor) and all the fees related to it.

📦 Relocation support.

🗺 Travel expenses to bring you from your home city to Amsterdam. 

🏡 Accommodation where you can stay for up to a month alone or with your partner while looking for a more permanent place to stay. 

🧙 We can put you in touch with a trustworthy agent to help with the apartment hunt.

🩺 Extended health insurance (CZ Plus + Dental).

👭 A “buddy” who’s been around for a while and will help you integrate into the city and company easier.

🏆 We cover expenses for a Dutch language course of your choice (if you want to take one, of course).

💜 We take care of all the small administrative tasks like getting a phone plan and a public transport card, so you can focus on exploring the city worry-free.

Community support

We’ve been there and we know that starting a life in a new country is both thrilling and difficult. 

But we’ve got your back. Every Reaktorian can give you advice on apartment hunting, going out for the best dinners, joining a squash club or making sense of the Dutch letters in your mailbox. Just ask any question on Slack – there is a channel for literally everything.

We love to spend time together which means you’ll find new friends in no time. Our Thursday dinner tradition helps to get to know your colleagues over a delicious meal, the running and cycling clubs are keeping our team-mates fit and active, and the office boat is ready to be taken out around the famous Amsterdam canals. 

Amsterdam is just one job application away ❣️

Reaktor Amsterdam is Great Place to Work certified

By the way, what is Reaktor? 

We are a consultancy helping international clients (adidas, Lego, HBO, Finavia, FC Liverpool, and others) succeed in technology. Cross-functional teams of developers, designers and data analysts come together to solve complex challenges. Our Nordic culture defines the key principle of Reaktor: offering exceptional technological competence while deeply caring about the wellbeing of our team-mates. 


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