Microservices driving world-class innovation


Yle, Finland’s national public service broadcasting company, is an internationally acknowledged digital innovator. Operating four television channels, six radio stations, and a portfolio of digital platforms, their strategic outlook has embraced change.

The nimble approach has led to awards and recognition, and being well prepared for the future, year after year. Since 2009, Reaktor has been a collaborator in making all this happen as Yle’s strategic partner in digitalization.

Shared success

  • Years of trust and partnership
  • Organizational reinvention
  • Innovation strategy enabled by microservices

  • Standard-setting personalization, driven by AI

Vision enabled by technology

A holistic approach, built gradually.

Over the years, Reaktor’s partnership with Yle has included everything from future-thinking strategy to product design and ecosystem architecture to iterative development.

Helping Yle reinvent the way they work has created the means for lightning speed development of award-winning services, standard-setting personalization, and the innovation-driven strategic approach of a media industry forerunner.

The basis for all this is a technical ecosystem based on microservices in both public and private cloud, flexible and ready to scale.

“Our partnership with Reaktor has helped us radically evolve all aspects of digital, from long term strategy to everyday practicalities.”

Jari Lahti, Chief Strategy & Dev Officer, Yle Media

Case in numbers


Team members




Monthly deployments


Monthly requests

Organizational agility

Modularity eliminates silo mentality

In addition to fulfilling its rudimentary tasks, the modular back end has changed how Yle designs and develops. Tech has become an enabler for a full cycle of new thinking.

Services are designed and deployed as one process: Conceptual and UX design blend into front end development and system architecture, all influencing one another.

The result and cumulative benefit is a more creative and efficient way of working and making decisions, big and small.

Quality at speed

Evolution for revolutions

Yle’s most prestigious and strategic services include yle.fithe Areena streaming service, the personalized and award winning NewsWatch app, and tools that help journalists work better throughout the process of creating and optimizing the distribution of content.

They are leveraged faster than most consider possible. When the company’s main site was recreated, for example, a full beta was up and running in two days. A month later, the site went live.

Yle uutiset service

Our contributions

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Back and front end development
  • Personalization and content recommendation

  • DevOps and optimization


A modular future is around the corner.

Henri Huuskonen

Business Development at Reaktor

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