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Investments made tangible

United Bankers is an investment services group based in Helsinki. Up until 2014, UB’s business relied mostly on traditional methods of selling; physically meeting with existing and potential customers. However, the company saw the potential in taking their business to the digital era. The goal of our partnership was to help UB generate growth in a new environment.

In order to help United Bankers digitalize their business, Reaktor designed and implemented a new web service called OmaUB. Customers can now sign up to the service, subscribe to United Bankers’s funds and structured products, manage their portfolios and contact private bankers on both mobile and desktop.

The first version of the new concept was implemented in only eight weeks. Since then, a new version of OmaUB has been rolled out every week with no noticeable downtime. New investment products are constantly being added to the service.

Case by numbers


Weeks to production


Uptime of the service


IPOs handled within 10 months


Engagement growth in a year

Next step: hacking for growth

With the first version of OmaUB in production, we started adding real-time analytics to the service. The objective was to grow United Bankers’s customer base with the means of growth hacking.

What this new approach meant in terms of refocusing our work was close collaboration with United Bankers’s sales and marketing. Together, we formed a cross-functional growth team that regards analytics, search engine optimizations (SEO) and real growth data as the driving force for further development work.

“Reaktor has been the perfect partner to develop our business with. Their wide range of expertise in both planning and implementation has been an important part of our company’s growth process.”

Inka Noramaa, Director of Asset Management for Private Clients, United Bankers

Application to keep your portfolio close

“After merging our design and tech team with United Bankers’s marketing and sales, we have been able to work efficiently to both make the whole web-based customer experience better and take marketing to the next level. Tight development cycles and real-time analytics provide us with tools for constant improvement”, says Okko Pykäläinen, lead developer at Reaktor.

In November 2014, United Bankers successfully went public in First North Finland stock exchange. In addition to that, we helped United Bankers organize the Initial Public Offering for four other significant companies. The listings were not a part of the original scope. However, the team reprioritized tasks on the backlog to better fit the evolving business goals of a modern day company.

The most recent addition to United Bankers’ digital services is the OmaUB iOS application. It allows customers to access and follow their investments on their phone. With Touch ID biometric fingerprint authentication support, portfolios are literally only a touch away. From profit history and portfolio distribution to detailed asset and transaction listings, the app gives investors the essential tools to keep up with their investments. With Apple Watch support, investors can check their portfolio with one glance.

United Bankers has always differentiated themselves from the competition with superior customer service. Even with the increased convenience of self-service, the app also helps users keep in touch with their personal contact person. It is a step in the direction of both reaching new customer segments from the mobile-first generation and making United Bankers’ products more widely accessible to existing and potential customers.


Let's take the next step together.

Marcus Mattila

Business Director at Reaktor

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