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Satellite technology creates new commercial opportunities, all the way from telecommunications to scientific research and retail. And they are already here, shaping the way we navigate, communicate and understand our planet in new ways. They are capable of for example observing the Arctic and Antarctic regions, previously reachable only by expensive traditional satellites.

Reaktor Hello World - Flight Model

Mission: Hello World

“The technology shouldn’t be scary,” we said when we started exploring robotics. Now we’re doing the same thing with satellites.

We launched Finland’s first commercially built nanosatellite, Reaktor Hello World, on Thursday 29th of Novemer 2018. The goal was not only to learn about the process and experiment with the software, but also to share the key learnings with everyone.

The satellite, Hello World, is built by Reaktor Space Lab. Hello World is first flying reference of Hello World platform, used also in other future projects of Reaktor Space Lab, including W-Cube mission, the first satellite ordered by European Space Agency from Finland.

Reach out to Space

Research and experiment

At Reaktor, we always want to experiment with new technologies. In the past we’ve done this with for example 3D printing, robotics and software – and now we’re putting all of this together and reaching out to space. The opportunity we face is massive: with the use of satellite technology, we can effectively solve existing business challenges and expand into new business models.

We're not alone in Space

To make this happen, we work closely with research bodies such as Aalto University and the Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT, as well as with companies operating in the aerospace sector, such as Vaisala and Space Systems Finland.


Let's explore space together.

Juha-Matti Liukkonen

Director, Space & New Technologies at Reaktor

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