Modern television and radio – built to adapt

Together with Sanoma, a front-running consumer media company in Europe, we set out to create two applications with one guiding principle: to put killer content above all. Dear reader, meet audio app Supla and TV content app Ruutu.

Supla is Sanoma’s on-demand audio application that gives you access to all of Sanoma’s podcasts, live radio programs, and Supla-original series. Supla is available for iOS and Android.

Ruutu provides a cornucopia of Sanoma’s TV and online content with hundreds of programs, previews and online-only live programs. The Ruutu application is available for over ten platforms including iOS, Android, AppleTV and AndroidTV.

The design

User experience that makes way for king content

When it comes to TV or radio, you want your best-loved shows, programs and clips to be easily found and yours to watch whenever, wherever. We drew inspiration from Google’s Material design framework, as it gave us ideal support in building a seamless and elegant UX for any given device, operating system or version.

As users consider Supla and Ruutu as their designated vehicles for entertainment, we aimed to keep both brands in a subtle role in the design. Furthermore, we wanted to honor the actual king: the content. The look and feel of the apps is now elegantly neutral across all platforms, and the renewed UX is also easily scalable between mobile and desktop.

The tech

How to build software that reacts to an avalanche of events

In addition to building easy-access content hubs for end consumers, we desired to free Sanoma’s content producers from the limitations of old technology. Thus, reactive programming was our weapon of choice in building these somewhat interaction-heavy apps.

Ruutu and Supla applications are built to keep the setup separate from front-end content management. In practice, Sanoma’s editorial staff is completely free to change, update and reorganize content without the app itself stalling or calling for version updates.

With Ruutu, Sanoma already had a viable concept and applications for Android, Windows phone and iOS. However, the mobile applications were difficult to use. Google’s Material Design framework allowed us to build a unique user experience.

Supla started with a desire to build a beautiful MVP but quickly turned into a high-value project raising a lot of expectations. After it launched, the app has gained fantastic reviews.

The team

Wearing multiple hats for one shared goal

We believe every project is unique and needs to be treated that way – all the way from finding the right people to choosing the right technology and design drivers.

In this project, also the core team needed to be able to react fast to new situations. That’s why we formed a hybrid team that could not only get the job done from get-go to production but also deliver for multiple platforms. The team included a designer, developers, and platform specialists, all working in close collaboration to make sure people would enjoy using both applications.


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Director Of Strategic Partnerships at Reaktor

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