Carry all Finnish radio stations in your pocket

Keeping radio in the heart of Finnish society brings the Finnish FM radios digitally right into your pocket. collects all the traditional Finnish radio stations for you to listen, anytime, anywhere into one place.

In Finland 94 out 100 people listen to radio on a weekly basis. However, among younger consumers, radio is losing its share in media consumption to new channels such as Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud etc. The idea of a new generation not listening to radio anymore made the whole radio industry shiver.

As a consequence, the idea of was born as a joint effort between the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yleisradio) and commercial RadioMedia, which is an umbrella organisation for private radio stations in Finland. The main goal was to bring radio to the ears of digital era consumers.

“Let's not try to bring people to the radio, but instead bring radio where people consume media.”

A. Kojo, Reaktor Product Manager

Creating a radio player that appeals to people

Many radio stations had already published their own individual applications. Yet a service gathering all the channels was still missing. From the consumer’s perspective the radio channel offering was scattered and shuffling between channels not possible. Hence it was crucial that the platform included all the domestic channels.

Although there are numerous radio player products available internationally, the project parties decided to tailor their own player solution from the very beginning to suit the Finnish market. During the development of the service the team was constantly looking at the metrics of the service usage, having dialogue with the users, developing features and analyzing their impact.

Thus, harnessing the social feedback and real time marketing to create a service that truly meets the needs of the market.

One cross-functional team was assigned to do the task, doing whatever necessary to create an outstanding radio listening experience. The team worked in short iterations. They conducted market research simultaneously with concepting, UX design and software development.

The first public version of the was released as early as possible. The first version was then further developed based on customer feedback from Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, when was publicly launched with joint marketing campaigns with all the radio channels, it had already been validated to meet the user’s needs.

Case by numbers


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“ has successfully enriched the digital radio experience on the web and on smartphones. Reaktor has built up a fantastic service with excellent customer satisfaction.”

Stefan Möller, CEO, RadioMedia today exceeded the expectations set for the service. Radio is now reaching listeners through mobile and web platforms. With radio continues to hold its strong foothold in the constant fight for media consumers in the future.

Together Reaktor, Finnish Broadcasting Company and commercial FM Radio channel representatives were able to make the radio listening experience to what it should be today. All domestic FM-radio channels are now available in one easy-to-use service covering more than 70 domestic channels.

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