Digital multi-user interactivity for a physical space

The Nasdaq Stock Market is the second largest exchange in the world. Reaktor created a smart space concept for listing events and Bell Ceremonies held at MarketSite, the prestigious Times Square event space.

Together with Multitaction, we built a custom multi-touch screen digital wall to make once-in-a-lifetime IPO experiences even more memorable.

Project highlights

  • 100% unique product
  • Multi-user interaction and interface design
  • Simple and smart automated guest recognition

  • Unique software, supporting heavy simultaneous use

Unique user experience

Interactive and instantly shareable.

As the leading technology stock market, Nasdaq wanted to create something technologically futuristic for their high profile events. A unique digital interaction, that would make the moment instantly shareable, and live beyond the event.

Now, when listed companies and their guests share their once-in-a-lifetime emotional experience with the world, Nasdaq goes with them.

Using a multi-touch screen wall, guests can interact with photos taken at the event, together. By utilizing their custom name badges, they can share the images immediately.

“The updated Nasdaq experience brought our game to a whole different level. Moreover, these guys were fun to work with.”

Zef Nikolla – Creative Director, Nasdaq

Our contributions

  • Experience design
  • Visual design
  • Development
  • Testing and implementation


Let’s create new interactions.

Michael Levitz

Chief Business Officer at Reaktor North America

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