Digital health services fit for a world in flux

Finland’s most esteemed healthcare company Mehiläinen partnered with Reaktor to extend their high-quality in-clinic experience to digital services that cover the entire patient journey.

From booking appointments and monitoring test results to keeping prescriptions and follow-ups in check, the digital clinic helps patients focus on what matters the most: getting better.

Collaboration highlights

  • Extending Mehiläinen’s outstanding in-clinic experience to an end-to-end digital service
  • A mobile app and a digital clinic concept with special focus on family care
  • A modern, people-first approach to digital occupational healthcare that also helped clients reduce costs by over 7 %
  • Scaling and revamping the services in record time as demand skyrocketed in 2020

Holistic digital healthcare

Services that make customers feel cared for

A patient’s journey to feel better seldom starts or ends inside a doctor’s office. In fact, the most common challenges usually occur outside of the clinic itself.

To have customers commit to their treatment and feel cared for, Mehiläinen wanted to extend its top-quality in-clinic experience to holistic digital services. From building a health application and a digital clinic to revolutionizing occupational healthcare, we’ve helped Finland’s biggest healthcare company provide unparalleled support to its clients.

Reaktor has been an integral part of Mehiläinen’s proficient development team since 2015, collaborating on their most advanced and strategically key services and thus helping the company position itself as a thought leader in the healthcare software business. 

When a pandemic hit the globe in 2020, the joint team took Mehiläinen’s digital presence to yet another level by scaling and optimizing the services in record time.

Case in numbers


Growth in Digital Clinic visits in 2020


Referrals to coronavirus tests through the Digital Clinic


The number of OmaMehiläinen users crossed the one-million mark in 2020


The NPS score improved from 77 to 84

A patient’s journey, digitalized

Book an appointment

Finding the right doctor or specialist, scheduling a visit, and checking in can all be done in one place. With a digital reception service and video appointments, patients can get the help they need without unnecessary visits to the physical clinic.

Keep track of the details

Health records, medication details, and tips, visualized laboratory results, and new appointments all reside in one service. Referrals to specialists can be found in one folder, and booking new appointments is only a couple of taps away.

Follow up

To make sure the patient is getting the right treatment and feels committed to it, the service regularly checks in on them. In addition to an automated follow-up process, OmaMehiläinen lets you schedule call times with doctors for more detailed advice.

Take care of the whole family

Keeping track of the health records of the whole family is made easy by linking together ‘family profiles’ of health records and medical prescriptions.


Your health in one place

Together with Mehiläinen, we built a mobile and a web application to manage all of a customer’s health information in one place. Health records for the whole family, medication details and tips, referrals to specialists, and new appointments can all be found in one service.

Automated follow-up inquiries, digital coaching, and visualized laboratory results ensure that patients engage in the treatment in between appointments as well.

Digital Clinic

Help when you need it

The logical next step was to open a 24/7 digital reception that gives customers remote access to treatment without making an appointment. At Mehiläinen Digital Clinic, you can chat with doctors who provide detailed advice, issue electronic prescriptions, create referrals for further examinations, and issue short periods of sick leave.

A vast amount of transactions of Mehiläinen’s billion euro business are now handled through the app, and the addition has significantly reduced the number of unneeded visits to the clinic.

Digital coaching

Reshaping occupational healthcare

To upgrade occupational healthcare from the industrial times of the 1970s to our current era of knowledge and remote work, Mehiläinen wanted to reshape the whole concept.

With an algorithm that recognizes workers at risk of health issues, OmaMehiläinen now notifies them and provides resources such as digital coaching. By shifting the focus from large groups and physical workspaces to individuals and early intervention, organizations get the holistic support they need.

“Proactivity is in the DNA of Reaktor. The team continuously generates new ideas and positively challenges our thinking and business model. They are not just extra pairs of hands but an integral part of our team.”

Ossi Laukkanen, Director, Digital Health Services, Mehiläinen

Global competence

Scaling up during the pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, demand for Digital Clinic skyrocketed. Together with Mehiläinen’s development team, we scaled up the platform within a few days to serve tens of thousands of more people promptly and with care.

Features, such as contact tracing questionnaires, symptom tracking, video receptions, and diagnostic test results, were swiftly optimized to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and customers in an unprecedented situation.

Mehiläinen’s agile operational model and scalable technological solution have evoked global interest: In the spring of 2020, the Italian healthcare provider Centro Medico Santagostino started using Digital Clinic’s online application. Previously, Digital Clinic had been sold to the largest private hospital chain in Greece. 

With a world-class digital competence all set, Mehiläinen continues its quest to provide global care in the years to come.

Our contributions

  • User research
  • iOS and Android development
  • Architecture, API and web development
  • UX design
  • Visual design
  • Design sprints


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