Digital health services that make patients feel cared for

Finnish healthcare provider Mehiläinen partnered with Reaktor to develop digital services that extend their excellent in-clinic experience to cover the entire patient journey, from booking an appointment to test results, prescriptions and follow-ups. Our team focused on helping users keep track of the kinds of details that easy cause confusion and stress when ill. The aim was to take all extra pressure off their shoulders, and help patients concentrate on what matters the most: getting better.

Project highlights

  • Extending Mehiläinen’s excellent in-clinic experience to an end-to-end digital service
  • OmaMehiläinen app where patients can store all their health information
  • The digital clinic concept connects the patient with a doctor over the app
  • Special focus on family care with easy family account linking

From checkups to end-to-end services

Taking care of a patient seldom starts and ends inside a doctor’s office.

After interviewing Mehiläinen’s customers and medical personnel, it became evident that while the in-clinic experience and level of care were already of a high quality, the most common patient challenges took place outside of the clinic itself.

This means that the team focused in on ways to help patients both before and after the appointment. The aim: to build digital services that could help patients feel like they were taken care of, throughout their journey with Mehiläinen.

“The app is aimed at both occupational health and private customers in order to best attend to the customers who use Mehiläinen’s services the most: people with, for example, both occupational health services and children’s health care at Mehiläinen.”

Minttu Paukkunen, UX designer

Meeting patient needs end-to-end

  • Booking an appointment to see a doctor or a specialist
  • Checking in for your appointment
  • Scheduling call times and follow-up appointments
  • Sharing laboratory test results and required next steps
  • Giving advice on medication and renewing prescriptions
  • Keeping your family’s health information and history in one place


Your health in one place

We built an application to store all of a customer’s health information in their phone. Health records of the whole family, medication details and tips, laboratory results and new appointments all reside in one service.

Keeping track of the health records of the whole family was made easy by linking together ‘family profiles’ of health records and medical prescriptions. Referrals to specialists can be found in one folder, and booking new appointments is only a couple of taps away.


Help when you need it

The logical next step was to offer customers a digital reception service. With the digital reception, a vast amount of transactions of Mehiläinen’s 500 million euro business will be handled through the app.

This addition will significantly reduce the amount of unneeded visits to the clinic – a great deal of all diagnosis and advice do not require a physical visit to the clinic. The feature also offers a convenient platform for low-threshold communications between a doctor and a patient by enabling a chat and media uploads.

Our contributions

  • User research
  • UX design
  • Visual design
  • iOS development
  • Android development


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