Unleash the digital potential of Life Sciences

Healthcare and pharma are one of the biggest beneficiaries of digital innovation and artificial intelligence. Reaktor is an accomplished ally to help navigate the disruption.

Reaktor is an innovator in healthcare, pharma, and medical technology, capable of combining complex and regulated operational environments with agile development and user-centered design.

From creating digital clinics and intelligent pharma solutions to modernizing radiation treatment and occupational healthcare, we’ve always aspired to ease the lives of both patients and the people caring for them.

Built in a Nordic welfare state, Reaktor takes a curious, iterative, and streamlined approach to Life Sciences.


  • Integrating modern development culture with complex medical environments
  • Leading artificial intelligence solutions
  • Value-based philosophy, focused on sustainable results
  • Invaluable customer insights and user-centered design

Thinking beyond the pill

A whole new era of personalized care

Emerging digital technologies are reshaping the landscape of pharmaceuticals. With services such as digital therapies, wearable data, AI-accelerated research, and diagnosis prediction, the industry is entering a whole new era of personalized care.

The shift provides an opportunity to combine research-intensive deep tech solutions with the latest in consumer applications. Equipping your customers with, for instance, an easy-to-use, intelligible digital partner to monitor the treatment can significantly increase the quality and extent of their health data.

While the possibilities are endless, the long-established pharmaceutical industry needs its own cultural reset to take advantage of the expansion in digital technologies. Introducing new ways of working and using them to strengthen our clients’ inherent capabilities are at the core of what we do.

“Orion and Reaktor have built and launched machine learning based tools, from experiments and proof-of-concepts all the way to production and evaluated products. And we continue to forge ahead on all fronts to make sure Orion is the smartest pharma company in the world.”

Sammeli Liikkanen, Chief Data Officer, Orion Pharma

A people-first approach to healthcare

Looking after both patients and caregivers

The healthcare industry is also a fertile ground for digital transformation. Developing lasting customer relationships and providing advanced virtual care hold immense potential for honing your competitive edge. 

Reaktor’s modern, people-first approach aims to transform the way healthcare is delivered. Working together with physicians and nurses, we identify critical moments in their work where digital solutions can increase care quality and free up significant resources. Our mission is to produce value to both patients and caregivers. 

We are also accustomed to working in complex, highly governed environments. From protecting patients’ most private health information to abiding by medical regulations, we make sure to keep every aspect of applicability in check.

How is value-based healthcare changing the way we pursue health?

We’re introducing Rethinking Health, a free online course that helps students, physicians, nurses, policymakers, hospital directors, municipalities, and pharmaceutical companies become part of the discussion about shaping the future of healthcare.

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Proven track-record in Life Sciences

A selection of our success stories

Innovating holistic digital healthcare with Mehiläinen

We’ve helped Finland’s most esteemed healthcare company Mehiläinen extend their outstanding in-clinic experience to digital services that cover the entire patient journey. Together we’ve built, for instance, their beloved Digital Clinic – and scaled it up in record time during the pandemic. Read more.

Leading an intelligent fight against cancer with Varian

We partnered with Varian, the leader in radiation oncology, to revolutionize treatment planning with sophisticated cloud-based software. Meeting rigorous security and privacy requirements, we got the service ready for use in a clinical setting in under nine months. Read more. 

Building the world’s smartest pharma company with Orion

To transform into a pharma company of the AI age, we’ve supported Orion to introduce AI into company operations across the board, utilize all available data, and build the capability to quickly adapt in an ever-changing world. Read more.

Launching a clinically-backed interactive wellbeing service with Aava

We worked together with the healthcare provider Aava to identify gaps where new concepts and services can make the biggest difference to the patient experience. As a result, we launched Virta, a wellbeing service that combines coaching with medical help, a physical studio space, and a digital interface. Read more. 

“Proactivity is in the DNA of Reaktor. The team continuously generates new ideas and positively challenges our thinking and business model. They are not just extra pairs of hands but an integral part of our team.”

Ossi Laukkanen, Director, Digital Health Services, Mehiläinen

Solutions that actually deliver

Agile teams to speed up change

Technology is the business cornerstone of tomorrow’s Life Sciences. Thus, merely outsourcing and buying turnkey solutions won’t be enough to keep up with the pace of innovation and rapidly changing needs. 

Digital solutions big and small should be built iteratively and modular to guarantee seamless integration and optimal results. This way, all pieces can be developed individually without disturbing the rest of the system. 

Reaktor’s teams are known for their agility, proactivity, and the ability to get things done. We are your trusted advisor in the digital journey, always looking after the big picture while delivering every single detail with finesse.

“Reaktor’s swiftness and agility have helped us tremendously in taking things forward. The team is not only technically competent but also has a great attitude, creating a positive culture.”

Kari Toimela, Managing Director, Varian Medical Systems Finland


Let’s take the next step together.

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