Customer experience across digital and physical

Reaktor, KOKO3, and LähiTapiola set out to rethink the future of insurance company customer service. In two months, we designed, tested, and built a working customer service concept for a new LähiTapiola office space.

A layer of digital solutions now support customer service, all customer service reps record better sales, and the branch office remains the most important showroom for the brand.

Project highlights

  • Combining digital and physical customer service concepts in an experimental space
  • From three concept options to a new way of working: A platform for service model development in every branch office
  • Increased personal sales for everyone working in the new office
  • A rethought customer journey to support the customer flows of a shopping center

Brand showroom

Physical CX with a digital dimension

An insurance company office of the 2010s needs to be more than cubicles and queue numbers.

As LähiTapiola was about to open in one of Finland’s largest shopping malls – rebuilt from the ground up – it was time to rethink the whole function of brick and mortar in their business.

The fundamental question was simple: what kinds of digital solutions would best support the customer experience in a physical space? Six functional concept goals took form: the new space was to attract, engage, inform, convince, convert and inspire customers.

These goals now guide both the use of the office’s digital solutions and the content creation process in creative and unconventional ways. Everything inside the office is in direct control of its dedicated team of customer service reps.

“Reaktor helped us perfect our concept office in time, find the right partners for the project, as well as combine the best of physical and digital customer service. We will be reusing the concept in the future.”

Heikki Pelkonen, Deputy Managing Director, LähiTapiola

Walking by the office

A large, gleaming screen entices you to “test your insurance coverage in five minutes”.

As you step inside

Comfy sofas and a row of tablets invite you to take a seat and scroll through LähiTapiola content.

Looking around

Framed screens, disguised as paintings, line the walls, explaining LähiTapiola’s offering in animated images.

Moving inward

A wall of displays shows locally relevant data, like a map of rescue department response times or incidence of bicycle theft.

Our contributions

  • Business design
  • Visual design
  • Digital development
  • Project management


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