Hintsa Performance

Rebranding high-performance coaching for the digital age

Hintsa Performance was looking for a partner to bring their brand alive in both the digital and the physical worlds. We answered their call for designing a coherent brand identity to establish them as a thought leader in high-performance coaching.

The beginning

Brand identity mismatch

Starting point

Hintsa Performance is a high-performance coaching company with a passion to help its clients enjoy better lives. Their high-end network of medical doctors, scientists and coaches is trusted by elite athletes and business executives around the world.

In early 2016, the company’s founder Dr. Aki Hintsa was presented with a chance to speak at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. However, the growing company was faced with a challenge: Hintsa Performance’s brand identity didn’t match their widely-acclaimed status as a rising star of the industry.

Creative solution

We set out to renew Hintsa’s brand identity and to create a coherent experience that spans both online and offline.

The renewal was guided by a set of design principles that expressed the essence of the new Hintsa brand and their competitive advantage. We identified these as science-based approach, premium quality and human impact.

Once we had the building blocks in place, we created a brand identity that celebrates Hintsa Performance’s philosophy of holistic wellbeing. The renewed visual identity is fresh, classic and prestigious, and the tone of voice shifted from generic to more personable.

As a result, we completely redesigned the company website, developed a showcase Better Life app for iOS and Android, and created of a wide selection of print materials.


Manifest of the brand’s essence

The new responsive www.hintsa.com empowers readability, effortless content management and social media sharing. A truthful manifest of the brand’s essence called for a design that is premium and bold in style but that still conveys the compassionate character of Hintsa Performance as a company – a human-to-human look and feel.

The deliverables

To complement Hintsa Performance’s renewed visual identity, we created a unified tone of voice to help them share their unparalleled story with the world.

The Better Life app

The Better Life app for iOS and Android is an experiential introduction to Hintsa’s philosophy: how our health and performance can be improved by carefully considering all the interdependent elements in our life. We decided to use a circle-shaped in-app navigation to illustrate this holistic approach. It also allowed us to include a hefty amount of content into a compact arrangement, and to make the user experience very intuitive.

Printed materials

Elegance and simplicity are also important in Hintsa’s print materials. We created business cards, notebooks, envelopes and other stationery with a fresh and minimalistic look that leaves room for the actual content to stand out. As a prestigious finishing touch, gold foil was used to highlight selected details in all print materials.