Finnair – Onboard Service Platform

Finnair Animation

Reaktor partnered with Finnair to design and build the Onboard Service Platform by combining the perfect digital customer journey with a next generation in-flight entertainment system and revolutionized onboard connectivity.


  • The Finnair App – everything you need, at every step.
  • In-flight interface – elegant functionality, for more than just entertainment.
  • Crew application – helping to inform and create a smooth ride.
  • Wifi-portal – next generation connectivity.

Traveler’s journey

Every moment is a customer experience.

Holistic by nature, the air traveler’s journey is an interplay between the passenger, their personal device, the in-flight entertainment system, the crew, the aircraft, and the airline brand.

Working with Finnair, we had the opportunity to orchestrate every touchpoint of the experience.

The solution

Finnair's Onboard Service Platform.

With Finnair’s onboard system, the crew has control over the complete service schedule and cabin ambience, can manage both product inventories and orders as well as handle possible disruption cases.

For the passengers, the onboard system provides access to Finnair’s Wi-Fi portal and hence access to Internet, entertainment and product offerings as well as the ability to pay safely with one’s own device.

The platform has been scaled across multiple devices, enabling the crew smartphones, seatback screens and passenger smartphones to be integrated seamlessly into the same platform, enabling a ho­listic experience throughout Finnair’s entire fleet.

Passenger challenges addressed


When was my flight again? How long does it take to get to the airport? How do I check-in? Can I bring an extra bag? Can I upgrade to business class?


Where can I get a boarding pass? Can I skip the queue? Where is my gate? How much time to boarding?


How long is the flight? What happens next? What can I get to eat? Can I buy anything? Where does my connecting flight leave from?


How do I get to the gate of my next flight? How much time do I have?


Where do I pick up my bag? How do I get to the city? How long will it take?


When was my returning flight again? Is it on time? How long does it take to get to the airport? How do I check-in?

The Finnair App

Everything you need, at every step.

The Finnair App streamlines the essential airport and loyalty program services: Check-in, seat and travel class upgrade, extra bag purchases, and use of loyalty program points.

Naturally, it also stores travel documents in the passenger’s pocket and minimizes complication by providing the right information at the right time.

Elegance and ease of use have appeal: The app has become an important touchpoint for new frequent flyers joining the Finnair Plus program.

In-flight interface

Elegant functionality, for more than just entertainment.

The Nordic Sky entertainment system gives passengers control over their time onboard.

From the in-flight menu to the optimal time to sleep, the flight blueprint communicates everything that happens between take off and landing, helping passengers personalize their hours in the sky.

Crew application

Helping to inform and create a smooth ride.

The seat-back screens are connected to the Finnair crew app, allowing personnel to adjust the flight blueprint in real time and process in-flight purchases.

Designed to reduce the workload of the cabin crew, the app helps the crew to be in sync with their customers.


Next generation connectivity.

In addition to first class internet connectivity, the Wifi-portal gives passengers access to news, curated destination guides and services, online shopping, and partner offers.

Hosted on the server onboard the plane, the portal can be updated with relevant content in real-time.

Our contributions

  • Product roadmapping
  • User research
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Development
  • Software Application Architecture