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In our modern society, topics like Artificial Intelligence, Value-based Healthcare, and Sustainable Farming will have a tremendous impact on all of our lives. We believe they shouldn’t be left in the hands of a few elite experts.

At Reaktor Education, we partner with world-class organisations and education providers to develop online courses designed to empower everyone to participate in our rapidly-evolving society.

Our courses are delivered in an easily digestible, engaging, and mobile-first format designed to fit into where learning happens in our busy lives: our free time.

Multiple Award-Winning Online Education

Elements of AI online course chapter listing

Elements of AI

Our first course, Elements of AI, built with the University of Helsinki, has become an international phenomenon.

  • Voted World's #1 Computer Science Course (Class Central)
  • Over 700K students worldwide
  • 40% women students (double avg. for computer science)
  • First online course published in All Official EU languages

As Featured In Over 500 Global Media Outlets

Building AI online course home screen

Building AI

Building AI is a free online course where you’ll learn more about the actual algorithms that make creating AI methods possible.

Created in collaboration with Reaktor and the University of Helsinki.

  • Understand algorithms with real-world context and problem solving
  • Build and train machine learning models live, without leaving the course environment
  • Offered in 3 skill levels: from Beginner for non-coders to Advanced for Python
Starting up course front page

Starting up

In the 21st century, starting your own company should not be about who you know or how much money you have. Get beyond the startup hype and learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, company building, and new value creation in this online course with real-life examples from successful entrepreneurs.

Starting up is created in collaboration with Aalto University, Kiuas, Aalto Ventures Program, Maki.vc and Reaktor.

Rethinking health a course on value based healthcare

Rethinking Health: The fundamentals of value-based healthcare

Global events have shown us that healthcare matters more than ever. We believe healthcare is not just about curing the sick, it’s about generating healthy populations through a robust and sustainable system. Value-based healthcare, the focus on health outcomes rather than processes, has been proposed as a solution for better results – for individual patients and for society as a whole.

Rethinking health is created by Gesund Partners and Reaktor Education in partnership with The University of Helsinki with support from Mehiläinen, Novartis and Janssen.

Digital SkillUp couses

Digital SkillUp courses

Digital Revolution 
From computers to apps, from the internet to the cloud, this course explores how digitisation became so pervasive, the risks technologies pose and how to minimise them, and tips on harnessing technology to improve our lives at home and work. See the course on Digital Revolution here.

Emerging technologies
They are the future – but what are emerging technologies? Where are they applied? How will they evolve, and how will they impact our jobs, businesses, and lives? This course explores these topics, with a deep dive into IoT, Robotics, and AR/VR/MR. See the course on emerging technologies here.

Cybersecurity – a beginner’s guide
Basic skills make a huge difference to digital safety. In this course, we cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity with real-life examples and exercises aimed at building a simplified cybersecurity action plan for personal or professional use. See the course on Cybersecurity here.

Digital Revolution, Emerging Technologies, and Cybersecurity courses have been created with the Digital SkillUp initiative, which is the brand name of the outputs created under the European Digital Academy project, funded by the European Commission with support of the European Parliament. The project is dedicated to making basic knowledge on emerging technologies available and accessible to all citizens and SMEs. It aims to create an online training space that will offer learning content and opportunities on topics like AI, Blockchain, robotics, cybersecurity and IoT for everyone.

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Reaktor Education coming soon, viruses and epidemics - carbon farming

Carbon Action

A course on regenerative farming in partnership with Baltic Sea Action group. The course helps farmers to start utilising the methods of regenerative farming by providing understandable and scientifically accurate information and practical examples.

Viruses and Epidemics

It is confusing and intimidating when something like a virus seems to come out of nowhere to turn our world upside down. That is why Reaktor Education together with Gesund Partners and top experts in medicine and epidemiology have created a short, free online course for total beginners. Discover what viruses are, how our bodies react to them, how they are treated, and what we can all do together slow and even prevent their spread.


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