A revolutionary approach to online education

In our rapidly evolving globalized economy, it is more important than ever to provide approachable access to future skills and technology by empowering those traditionally left out of these fields to say, “Yes, I can do this too.”

At Reaktor Education, we believe that there is a better way to educate people from all demographics on a societal scale, using our combination of human-centered copywriting, design, and technology.

We know that if we are going to reach people in their free time, where online learning happens, we have to compete with social media and video streaming. That’s why we make digital education approachable, easily digestible, mobile-first, and fun.  

At Reaktor, we educate nations

Our course collaborations, built with global experts, are launched in conjunction with public grassroots campaigns aimed at democratising access to critical future skills for all citizens. Our first course collaboration, Elements of AI, has become an international phenomenon. 

Our education technology consulting enables the world’s top digital education providers to scale to millions of users, with state-of-the-art authentication, continuous data protection, and multi-platform integrations. Our partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, automated data flow for over 50million students. 

From deep-tech backend frameworks to human-centered design, Reaktor is revolutionizing online education, tailored to modern lifestyles and built on the latest technology. 


Reaktor Education Highlights

MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge 2019

Reaktor Education named Global Grand Prize Winner in the Skills Development & Opportunity Matching category.

Starting Up

Provided by Aalto University, Starting Up is a free online course on startup entrepreneurship fundamentals. Accessible by anyone, anywhere, anytime – just like entrepreneurship should be.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

A system that keeps data flowing and eliminates several thousand hours of manual work each year.

Reaktor × LEGO® Coding School

To make sure that kids get familiar with programming in a short amount of time, we redesigned the LEGO BOOST robot programming app from scratch to create a learning experience that is easy, effective, and – most importantly – fun.

The Elements of AI

A free online introduction to artificial intelligence for non-experts - no programming or complicated math required.

Matriculation Examination Board of Finland

Complete digitization of the matriculation exams for all graduating high school students in Finland, across all subjects. Not your typical multiple choice standardized test, an innovative 21st century development in online examinations.

Wired Magazine features Educating Prisoners in AI

The economy is changing fast. When prisoners are released, they need to have skills and knowledge equipping them to reintegrate into a modern workforce.

Demystifying artificial intelligence

The Elements of AI is a free online course created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki. In this course, we aim to empower as many people as possible, especially those not in tech, to learn what AI is and isn’t, how it can be applied to real-life applications, and what the implications of this technology are for individuals, companies, and society. The course combines theory with practical exercises and can be completed at the student’s own pace.

After launch in May 2018...


Let's make the future happen.

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