Helping the leader in smart cargo navigate the waters of digitalization

What does an industrial leader need to leverage digital development for a competitive edge? Through the long-term partnership, Reaktor has helped Cargotec find the right people, explore new ways of working, and develop its digital and data-based businesses.

Every other ship in the world carries Cargotec’s equipment. Every year, the ports around the world handle close to 800 million container moves. One in four of those is handled by a Cargotec solution.

Be it in ports, on roads, or at sea, its products, equipment, solutions and services truly keep things moving around the world.

Reaktor has supported the leader in intelligent cargo and load handling with technical know-how, digital solutions, ways of working, collaboration, and value creation throughout the organisation.

Project highlights

  • Centralized hub to support digitalization across all business areas
  • Supporting transformation with business agility
  • Developing smart solutions and providing technical know-how
  • Growing skills and capabilities in-house

A centralized hub

From within to across

In 2018, Cargotec established a centralized, corporate-level Digital Solutions Hub (DiSH)  to develop new digital solutions across all its business areas. Utilizing modern technology and methodologies, DiSH seeks to boost business growth and competitiveness with data and software. 

As the strategic partner, Reaktor has helped Cargotec create and run DiSH, first helping the cargo and load handling leader establish the setup and its working methods, and attract just the right talent to join the hub. In addition, Reaktor’s experts have helped DiSH develop new, technological solutions and supported Cargotec’s people through coaching and hybrid teams.

In two years, DiSH has been proven a success. It has helped produce and provide value across all Cargotec’s business areas Kalmar, Hiab, and MacGregor. DiSH has spread knowhow throughout the corporation and supported the transformation to more agile product development methodologies. 

Now, DiSH equips Cargotec with the skills and insights needed to navigate digitalization, supporting its strategy of becoming the global leader in intelligent cargo handling.

“Reaktor has in many ways been our backbone through the years. They’ve helped us get up and running, and have supported us in transforming the culture and ways of working.”

Tommi Pettersson, VP, Cargotec Digital Solutions Hub

Supporting sustainability

With data and digital

Sustainability is an enormous business opportunity for Cargotec – one which digitalisation and data are harnessed to support as well. Continuous value and growth no longer come from merely increasing volume, but with intelligent and sustainable solutions. Digitally enabled, eco-driven innovations guarantee a great customer experience with efficient processes. 

Leveraging digital solutions and ongoing data insights, Reaktor has supported Cargotec in developing tools to optimize product deployment and processes to minimize waste and to use least possible resources. Smart approach to technological possibilities, be it the electric machinery or the optimization of onsite power grids, turns abstract emission reduction goals to tangible action in the everyday. 

Data enables shedding light inwards too. For Cargotec, this has meant using data to plan for a smarter place to work and delivering a better employer experience for everyone in-house.

Examples of the partnership

  • Fuel consumption estimation software
  • Application for tracking machinery downtime
  • Predictive maintenance application and software
  • IoT and data platform
  • Sales and service engineer tool
  • Commissioning tool

Cargotec in numbers




billion euros in sales 2020



“I have been especially happy about the attitude and talent we get from Reaktor. All Reaktorians seem to have a built-in special quality. They truly want to help us learn and develop our own capabilities by sharing their expertise and knowledge.”

Tommi Pettersson, VP, Cargotec Digital Solutions Hub

Intelligent hardware

Simplicity to complexity

All over the globe, Cargotec’s solutions keep materials, objects, components, and things themselves moving between borders, cities, and people.

Combining intelligent software with the hardware provides more than the sum of its parts: simplicity in a business environment increasingly more complex. While things move across oceans, in vast industrial ports, and within ever-denser megacities, digitalization enables efficient automation, scalable collaboration, and predictive problem solving. 

At the same time, all of Cargotec’s services need to deliver fast and securely, on and off the premises. Reaktor’s support has helped provide both scale and top-tier data security.

The Digital Solutions Hub and the ongoing partnership with Reaktor have set Cargotec’s digital competence at an industry-high level. Equipped with scalable technology, growing in-house capabilities, and agile methodologies Cargotec continues to deliver the world’s goods smarter.

Our contributions

  • Agile methodologies
  • Recruitment expertise and support
  • Intelligent cargo handling solutions
  • Software and architecture development
  • Coaching and training
  • Business strategy consulting

Markku Myllylahti

Business Director at Reaktor

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