Digital transformation calls for agile strategy

Business Design

Businesses must adapt and learn faster than ever to make the most of the changing digital landscape. Reaktor’s business design team helps you take on this challenge: We harness design principles, strategic thinking and rapid execution to create new value and competitive advantage.

  • Agile strategy: We enrich strategy work with our iterative approach to accelerate execution
  • Our goal is to find unexpected value by focusing on what could be as opposed to what is
  • We help identify and solve valuable problems, and ensure new products and services make business sense
  • By collaborating with our experts across tech, design and other disciplines we can do high-level work with hands-on understanding

Business design at Reaktor

Accelerating execution with concrete strategic options

At Reaktor, we integrate into and enrich existing strategy work with our iterative approach. We quickly identify and explore multiple strategic options, and then use scientific evaluation methods to select the best way forward. We see that strategy is about choosing to do some things and not others in order to increase the odds of success.

We continuously analyze change across industries to find useful patterns to apply to new business contexts. Our goal is to find unexpected value through business model innovation and by focusing on what could be as opposed to what is.

We work holistically end-to-end, and create feedback loops to link customer value to business value. We work across all stages of business and product development, from identifying emerging opportunities to testing, launching, scaling and optimizing them.

How we're unique

Building the best teams

We believe in the value of seamless integration of perspectives spanning across business, customer and technology. Our diverse and talented experts working around the world enable us to build tailored teams to solve the most complex of challenges.

Making it happen

We create actionable insights and executable options. In each context, we find and combine what is needed to deliver them. We make things and make things happen.

Powered by passion

Every client is unique and deserves a client-specific approach. We are inspired by and passionate about solving client problems and driving meaningful change.

Insights for execution

We bring unique understanding to strategy from leading and managing versatile tech development projects across different industry verticals. We’re known for our ability to make new things happen.

New products and services

Ensuring business viability

When a company designs new products or services, it inevitably also designs its business. Our business designers work in a multidisciplinary team with developers and service designers to ensure new products not only excite customers, but also make business sense. This includes:

  • Identifying, understanding and framing the problem worth solving for new value to be created
  • Ensuring holistic viability throughout the design process
  • Quantifying business benefits and capturing insights for continuous value-hunting while understanding the strategic implications

New strategic perspectives

Identifying and solving valuable problems

A focused business design team working together with the client provides an external view to broaden clients’ perspectives, constructively question industry norms, and stimulate innovation and renewal. This includes:

  • Integrating digital as part of the company strategy
  • Creating an outside-in perspective as an alternative to industry benchmarks
  • Enabling leadership decision making about concrete next steps

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