Delivering peace of mind to real estate sales

To push the limits of what the best possible customer experience can be, real estate innovator Bo LKV partnered with Reaktor to explore an age-old question of the business: How to support the agent-client relationship?

Real estate is a very personal business.

Bo came to Reaktor because they wanted to support their agents excell in their day to day, and explore ways to strengthen their customer’s satisfaction. Together, we took that notion and concretized it into a mobile app.

Project highlights

  • Supporting real estate sales with an end-to-end digital tool
  • Modern, mobile-first design answers the needs of today
  • Helping agents manage and care for multiple listings on the go
  • Providing exceptional transparency for the clients

The new mobile tool connects real estate agents and clients, letting them stay connected from the commission to open houses and to eventually closing the sale. It helps agents manage and care for multiple listings on the go, and gives clients more transparency and intel on how the sale progresses.

Working closely together with Bo’s team, Reaktor conceptualized, designed and developed a digital solution to cater to the unique needs of selling a home. The app combines Bo’s widely recognized beautiful brand and Reaktor’s expertise in UX design and mobile-first technology.

“Reaktor was able to recognize and define the unique challenges our agents face. They’re managing multiple commissions, constantly on the go. Reaktor’s excellence in both design and development turned those challenges around into concrete solutions.”

Tuomas Kankaanpää, Head of Digital Business, Bo LKV

It’s location, location, location

Easing the agents’ daily juggle

By easing the administrative workload, keeping track of listings, and prioritizing communications with the clients, the Bo app makes the agent’s Monday to Sunday smoother.

Bo’s agents usually have multiple active listings. While each is unique, the sales process is similar across the locations. Traditionally more listings has meant more cumulative administrative tasks, ultimately limiting the amount of cases an agent can take on. Together with Bo, we built a mobile application to help agents manage every listing, making it easier to handle each with equal care.

Modern agents are naturally mobile, always on the go. Instead of chasing down notebooks or waiting for the evening to have a moment on the desktop, the new mobile solution enables working while out in the field. Automated follow-ups, task tracking and visualized sales process timeline ensure that the agents can store necessary information securely in one place and keep the client up to date with the latest developments.

“There’s true power in the way we worked together with Reaktor. We were able to collaborate, comment, iterate and develop things very quickly. That’s the key to building a solution that has a true value to our team, and to our clients”

Tuomas Kankaanpää, Head of Digital Business, Bo LKV

For the agent: Peace of mind to everyday tasks

  • A native mobile app to support work on the go
  • Dashboard view to current listings and sales
  • Reminders, tasks and notifications on all listings
  • Coordinated communications and contact to clients

Cornerstone for a better customer experience

Keeping the client constantly informed

Selling a home is a unique milestone: You’re letting go of a piece of personal history while making a significant financial decision. Successfully navigating these unfamiliar waters of processes and legalities is exactly the reason people turn to the professional. 

For the clients, we built a mobile-first web application. A timeline view, notifications, and automated updates keep the client up to date in real time. Tasks and reminders make sure the client knows when to take action, and messaging between the client and agent ensures seamless communications. 

The solution opens up the process of selling the home in a completely new way. The Bo app keeps the client connected to the agent, and ultimately proves the value a professional brings to the sales process.


For the client: Peace of mind to the biggest sale of your life

  • A mobile-first web application
  • Timeline of your commission from start to closing the sale
  • Status updates, tasks and notifications
  • Coordinated communications and contact to your agent

The building blocks of a great digital solution

How we did it with Bo

Keep the users front and center

Providing true value to users starts with understanding their needs. Through interviewing Bo’s experts, real estate agents, and actual clients, and researching client feedback, we pinpointed and recognized the current challenges the agents and clients face.

Leverage both design and technology

Reaktor’s and Bo’s teams worked closely together to bring best possible knowhow and expertise to the table and to implement Bo’s widely recognized brand to one, cohesive experience. The new Bo app is a result of mobile-first development, smart technological solutions and user-centered design.

Move fast from concepts to tangible

We built the first prototype of the app within days. This enabled the team to concretize discussion and further develop the solution with all stakeholders. Prototyping also enabled setting an implementable technical scope.The prototype and beta versions of the app were tested and made better in a continuous feedback-development loop.

“This was by no means a traditional client-consultant relationship. It was amazing how quickly our teams came together to form a new hybrid team.”

Tuomas Kankaanpää, Head of Digital Business, Bo LKV

Built for life, ready to scale

The next chapter of the story awaits

For the agents’ daily use, we designed and developed a native app. On the backend, we connected the app to multiple data sources and platforms, combining crucial information the agents need to one, easy-to-use interface. For the clients, a web-based, mobile first application hits the sweet spot between a great experience and a level-headed technical solution for the fixed term use. Tailored user identification solutions keep the platform smooth, yet secure. 

Built to scale and expand, the possible future functions of the tool are practically endless. From native instant messaging to expanding the user groups, the app is ready to continue the Bo success story.




Our contributions

  • Concept design
  • UX design
  • Native mobile app development
  • Mobile-first web application development
  • Architecture, API development
  • Data storage solutions
  • User identification

Emilia Vahvelainen

Chief Commercial Officer, Europe at Reaktor

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