IFE, IFC, Mobile or Web, A better customer experience means better business

Imagine a digital service where your customers have a seamless experience at every step of their journey – from pre-flight booking and navigating the airport to making inflight purchases and keeping track of their luggage or getting useful info about their destination.

Such a service enables a better experience by allowing customers to easily manage the entire journey through their mobile device. It also allows for more effective monetization with targeted upgrades, seat selection, inflight service and more – all based on real customer insights. The entire experience becomes easy and personalized, while unified payment makes purchases convenient at any touchpoint.

At Reaktor, we help aviation companies create holistic digital services that add real value for your customers, as well as to your bottom line.

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  • Enable continuous business and customer experience development
  • Improve your customer experience to retain and attract new business
  • Provide a personalized experience to your passengers based on real-time data analytics
  • Gain new opportunities for monetization

The big picture

Creating holistic digital services

At Reaktor, we go beyond individual software solutions that only solve a small problem here and there. Instead, we look at the big picture to create a digital environment that enables continuous business and customer experience development.

Since each case is unique, we make sure to find the best ways to boost revenue that match your own business cases and processes. We identify the key areas for development, and combine data gathering, testing, analytics, and growth hacking to make it happen.

You also don’t have to start developing from scratch to make this happen. We use existing frameworks and tools, combined with just enough hand-crafted code, to create your digital environment. The end result is continuous development that improves both your business and your customer experience.

What you can do with holistic digital services


Help your customers manage every stage of their journey with useful information - like luggage status, time until boarding, what they can buy in-flight and more.


More effectively monetize your customers with targeted and personalized upgrades, inflight service, seat selection and more.


Take advantage of connected cabins to offer inflight shopping personalized to your customers – along with easy payment via their mobile device.


Gather data about your customers across all touchpoints to improve booking flow and the entire digital experience.

Deep insight

Getting more data about your customers

The current digital fragmentation means the amount of useful data on your customers is limited. By taking a holistic view on digital services – for example unifying payment across all channels – you can gather the kind of data needed to offer effective personalization and incentives to your customers.

Business transformation

Take advantage of digital convergence

Leveraging convergence means moving from siloed services to a unified vision with continuous development that reaches across your organization. You need a provider that handles the whole process, from how to differentiate, service planning, and implementation.

A focus on results

The benefit of a proven track record

Aviation is not for amateurs. At Reaktor, we have experience of delivering digital services to airlines and airports – and we have gained plenty of insight into the industry along the way. We are not a hype company. Our technical competence and industry understanding mean that we deliver results. Every time.

Hybrid teams

A better way of working

New ways of thinking are enabled by new ways of working. At Reaktor, our people have autonomy, purpose and a sense of ownership in their day-to-day work – which guarantees you get a dedicated and enthusiastic team who have the motivation and skillset to succeed.

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