Take ownership of AI, your biggest capability multiplier

Low-hanging fruits do not exist in the world of artificial intelligence: transformative AI solutions require continuous endeavors and laser-sharp focus.

Transforming into a genuinely AI-capable organization takes more than demonstrating with technology. A successful AI evolution requires aligned leadership and business strategy, cross-functional collaboration, superior data engineering, and continuous learning.

Reaktor’s 40+ industry-leading AI experts define, plan, and build data-intensive competencies and solutions – and help you revamp your strategy, processes, and culture on the way.

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Don’t reach for the low-hanging fruits

There are no magic tricks in AI

We are on the verge of widespread adoption of artificial intelligence in business and society at large. Yet, only a few companies are truly changing their business with AI: 80% of the companies are still in the proof-of-concept factory phase, and less than 20% are scaling AI. 

This provides immense potential for companies at all stages of technological maturity. Catching up with the competition is still possible for almost anyone, especially with so many open-sourced machine learning innovations widely available.

Harnessing AI to its full potential, however, takes more than an experiment here and there. Instead of going for the low-hanging fruits, organizations should look for the opportunities that create the most value. Focusing on problems that are the easiest to crack won’t take you forward – if they were crucial to your business, they would have been resolved already. 

AI is an investment beyond money: it requires continuous learning, cross-functional collaboration – and sometimes even a complete revamp of your practices, processes, and culture.

AI Evolution

Build your AI capability to meet the future business requirements

Beyond data science

A value-first approach to AI

Creating a utile AI solution requires a profound understanding of the value it produces. Recognizing and defining the key business questions AI could answer should be the starting point of any AI experiment. Without context, the project can easily fall short.

Roughly 85 percent of working data and AI solutions consist of something other than pure data science. It takes superior software development, service design, digital strategy, and organizational transformation to deliver business impact with AI. 

At Reaktor, we provide full-service AI solutions from strategy, roadmaps, and best-of-class implementations to proof-of-concept experiments and training. We’ve executed 100+ AI and data projects that range from advanced statistical analysis and machine learning classics to machine vision and natural language processing. We believe that no AI project should exist without taking all the three cornerstones into account: data engineering, artificial intelligence, and business alignment.

Creating business value

AI is a C-level issue

Get to know your capability multiplier

Leadership participation can make or break the efforts to scale AI. Building data-intensive competences requires active, well-informed support from the business owners in order to recognize the most fruitful opportunities. AI shouldn’t be the responsibility of an isolated team but a core capability of the whole organization.

Reaktor’s teams are experienced in guiding the leadership through digital transformation. We help you take ownership of your future, align AI initiatives with business strategy – and we even provide tailored AI training to decision-makers.

Do you want to learn more about what AI really means — and how it’s created?

The Elements of AI is a series of free online courses created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki. We want to encourage as broad a group of people as possible to learn what AI is, what can (and can’t) be done with AI, and how to start creating AI methods. Join over 620,000 other people learning about the basics of AI!

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Reaktor AI success stories

Moving efficiently from Data Science to AI with Kesko

We’ve been an integral part of Kesko’s AI journey, significantly ramping up their capabilities. With complete ownership of their AI roadmap, Kesko has various business-critical machine learning applications in production. Together we have, for instance, implemented machine learning for food search and recommendations in their online grocery stores. Read more.

Building the world’s smartest pharma company with Orion

To transform into a pharma company of the AI age, we’ve supported Orion to introduce AI into company operations across the board, utilize all available data, and build the capability to quickly adapt in an ever-changing world. Read more.

A pioneering data lake project with Aktia

We have created a pioneering cloud-based data lake for Aktia. Seamlessly combining insights from new data sources, such as high volume clickstream data, with traditional core banking data helps Aktia become even more customer-driven than before. Read more. 

We productize AI with:

  • AI assessments and roadmaps
  • Solution and business model design and development
  • Data architecture planning and implementation
  • Solving data-specific topics: acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing
  • Building AI products from scratch
  • Machine learning
  • AI fundamental trainings for decision-makers
  • Design thinking and service design


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