Make machines make sense of your complex reality

Thanks to artificial intelligence, digital infrastructure is about to become smarter than ever before.

By freeing us further from repetitive manual work, AI lets us focus on solving more demanding problems in the increasingly complex world.

We create the right tools for you

We believe every use case is unique and needs to be treated that way. Our data scientists, engineers, and AI designers work to understand your reality and find the valuable information in your organization, with one goal in mind: to deliver solutions for tangible business and end-user benefits.


We productize AI with:

  • Machine learning
  • Data refinement
  • Solution and business model design and development
  • Design thinking and service design
  • Technologically agnostic product thinking

Examples of how you can use AI

Real-Time Personalization

Digital products can adapt to your customer’s needs instantly by combining lifetime behavioral data and the optimal tools for the task.

Pricing Optimization

Intelligent systems help you analyze which prices for products and services work best for your clients.

Autonomous Vehicles

Vehicles capable of sensing their environment without human input will change the way we see transportation.

Will a robot take my job? How is AI likely to change my workplace in the next ten years?

We’re introducing the Elements of AI course, which requires no complicated math or programming skills. The course will help equip you with the understanding and skillsets required for assessing the world we live in through the lens of AI.

Elements of AI

Reaktor AI Success Stories

Yle Areena Recommendations & Data Collection

As the result of the project, the click through rate of Areena’s new personalized tv and radio shows increased 42 % over the old static banner.


Introducing AI into company operations across the board with Orion

Together we’ve introduced AI into company operations to fully utilize all available data, and to build the capability to quickly adapt in an ever-changing world.


Intelligent mobile assistant for the Finnish language

Built with machine learning, the linguistic AI was able to perform on par with its established academic counterparts in just four weeks.


Let's make data work!

Director of Artificial Intelligence

Hanna Hagström

Senior Data Scientist

Tommi Pajala