A guided journey for finding the perfect outdoor gear

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Where do you start when you know you want to get outdoors more – pick up trail running perhaps, or set off mountain biking – but don’t yet have the gear needed to get you moving? 

For adidas Outdoor, we developed the Product Finder: a new, guided digital journey for finding the perfect outdoor workout gear. From jackets to shoes, the Product Finder is a new tool for customers to discover the exact product and fit they need to get the most out of their outdoor adventures. 

Marrying customization with ecommerce, the Product Finder is a dynamic way for consumers to discover products that will help them engage with the great outdoors.

Overview adidas product finder UX/UI

Project highlights

  • 60 seconds - the amount of time it takes to complete the journey
  • 82% completion rate on the adidas app
  • 25% bounce rate, lower than industry standard
  • Proven to create fewer abandoned shopping carts, higher conversion rates and lower returns
  • Viable across a range of ecommerce platforms beyond adidas
  • Suitable for a wide range of products and sub-audiences, from outdoor sports gear to outdoor city wear
  • Part of the native adidas app, across iOS and android, and soon available on desktop at adidas.com
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“Consumers who can’t decide don’t buy. The Product Finder we built with Reaktor mirrors the brick-and-mortar experience by creating a more persuasive and entertaining ecommerce customer journey. It allows us to have a conversation with our shoppers. For us, it’s led to fewer abandoned shopping carts, higher conversion rates and lower returns. So far, 82% of users have completed the full Product Finder journey within the adidas app.”

Steffen Hack, Global Director Digital Commerce Outdoor at Adidas
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Let’s take this outdoors

As the pandemic confined most of our lives indoors, many of us began to seek safer ways to explore the outdoors. We returned to nature. 

Many people who had never had the time or opportunity to explore the outdoors before, suddenly sought out new adventures in forests, trails and mountains. Beginners needed tips on tried-and-tested equipment to support them in everything from hiking and long-distance running to climbing. They turned to adidas, one of the world’s most respected athletic wear brands, for help.

The adidas outdoor Product Finder tool launched at an opportune moment, solving a timely but also timeless problem: helping buyers locate the perfect product among thousands of available options.

The Product Finder tool is effective because it resembles a casual conversation with an experienced store manager. During COVID-19, many retail locations shut down or limited their hours as digital sales took the lead. Human interaction was lost. And consumers, seeking advice, began to look for a more interactive way of shopping online.

A perfect example of a quick, lightweight feature that elevates the ecommerce interface; the Product Finder tool brings the in-store experience right into the user’s smartphone, tablet, and desktop – in stunning visuals – while driving sales.

Helpful dialogue

With a Q&A element, the Product Finder mimics the back and forth between the buyer and the seller

Simple language

Short questions avoid overwhelming the customer or asking too much of them

Intuitive design

The highly visual, design-first approach allows users to engage without much thinking

Striking visuals

Video and interactive content work together to make the journey inspirational

Personalized recommendations

Backlinks to the full catalogue of adidas products ensure accurate, knowledgeable product matches

Quick to market

Ecommerce moves fast: the only way brands can stay current is by creating simple new features and quickly introducing them to the market. The more easily these elements in the digital storefront can be maintained and updated over time the more timeless they become.

The Product Finder tool was created together with adidas by a small, embedded, agile Reaktor team of designers and developers. As a unit, we brought the project from concept to working product in just three months.



Scaling up and out

On the backend the tool allows both for quick additions of new product lines (such as winter sports equipment) as well easy incorporation of new subcategories of products, such as outdoor streetwear.

The Product Finder is easily scalable across platforms, too. The proven concept punches above its weight, costing very little to build while driving significant engagement. Its possible applications are practically endless, ranging across the entire adidas product line – and beyond.

You can experience the adidas Outdoor product finder here, or download the adidas app for iOS or android to view the full range.

Overview adidas product finder UX/UI

Our contributions

  • User experience and product design
  • Visual design and brand implementation
  • Frontend development of a responsive webapp
  • Proof of concept and prototyping
  • Software architecture and design
  • Backend development of a scalable middleware solution


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