Helping a family-owned health care provider punch above its weight

How can a family-owned company lead the way in digital services? This is the question Finnish health care provider Aava set out to answer with us. Together, we are identifying new ways of thinking about the business, and driving wholesale change.

A year ago, Aava made the decision to start seriously investing in digital services. As their strategic partner, we ask questions like: Where can we develop existing services to work better? What doesn’t yet exist that could help make the experience smoother? Are there existing problems that we could design for?

And we’re just starting out.

Collaboration highlights

  • Working together to identify gaps where new concepts and services can make the biggest difference to the patient experience
  • Launching a clinically-backed interactive wellbeing service, Virta, which combines digital interfaces with coaching and medical services
  • Our hybrid team works together with the client in close collaboration to deliver services where they are needed the most
  • Designing a new resilient infrastructure to keep services easy to build and maintain

Re-thinking wellbeing

Prevention beats the cure

All too often, we turn to health care professionals only when something is really wrong. Aava Virta service concept is an evidence-based wellbeing service that combines coaching with medical help, a physical state-of-the-art studio space and a digital interface. Together, these help customers improve their overall wellbeing, and prevent minor issues from becoming major medical ones.

At the heart of the service is the Virta Index, a digital snapshot of how you’re doing that’s based on a more comprehensive understanding of your life than simply the physical or the personal. Users take a survey to get their index and see coaching, testing and other recommendations.

Our team played a part in the service from start to finish, all the way from helping the client with the concept vision to development, service design and visual brand identity. With the same trusted team working across the breadth of the project, we were able to launch it in just 3 months.

“Considering the timetable and the amount of unfinished work we at Aava had, Reaktor was the one-stop-shop for the brand, business design, and digital dev. Next-level commitment and delivery performance from the team. 7/7 can recommend.”

Juha Hotti, PO, new business Aava Medical Centre

Patient services

Making Aava’s digital services easier to access

“When we first started looking at all the different digital services Aava offered, it quickly became evident that the user experience was uneven across them”, Lead Designer Jyrki Anttila says. There were multiple services, each accessed with a different login, and patients had a hard time understanding the differences. The very first thing the team set out to do was to unify the experience and create a single patient service that is accessible, secure and easy to use.

One of the core elements of the new patient service is the event summary view: it provides relevant content in a glanceable format. “Our design choices were all informed by a constant stream of patient feedback”, Jyrki explains. “For example, users wanted to see their vaccination history in the service. So we prioritised that.”

Four ways to build a collaborative project culture

Understand the impact

Develop services in collaboration with the professionals to get the best possible picture of how the work impacts their day-to-day.

Conversation over presentation

Frequent conversations with people from across the organization beat occasional presentations of work.

Build and then analyze

Build things, then see how they work and how they get used – and iterate based on what you’ve seen.

An open-doors policy

An on-site team is accessible to the whole client organization. Anyone can walk in to take a look at what’s happening or to share an idea.

Help for doctors and nurses

Freeing up time with automation and process development

Working together with doctors and nurses, we identified key moments in their work processes where a small change could free up significant resources – improving a particular UI, creating a simple new tool, or automating repetitive work.

“For example, we built a reporting tool that automates the creation of occupational healthcare reports. This allows doctors and nurses to spend less time building charts onto slides, and more time analyzing them or consulting HR departments on health at work,” Delivery Lead Lauri Lehmijoki explains.

The team actively looks for routine tasks that are important, but that take up time and have the potential to be improved. They then work together with the professionals to design a solution for it that frees up time for doctors and nurses to spend more time interacting with patients and making sure they’re getting the care they need.

Case in numbers


Projects launched in 12 months


User growth in patient services – hitting a record high on users


Months to launch Virta – from concept to first sales


More Virta Wellbeing B2B sales leads than estimated

Our contributions

  • Business design
  • Process design
  • Full-stack development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Technical architecture
  • UX design
  • Visual design
  • Data and analytics


Let’s take the next step together.

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