Web Summit: A Developer’s Dilemma

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Have you ever gone to a large conference like Web Summit feeling super excited about all the talks you’d picked to attend, and then sat in them and thought, “What am I doing here?”

With such a massive program (right now Web Summit is at 250+ talks and growing), it can be tough to decide how you’re going to spend your time. And often the reality is not what you expected. Maybe the blurb oversold the topic or there’s just not much substance to what the speaker has to say. 

We want you to make the most of Web Summit.

We asked our developers to pinpoint the Web Summit talks they would attend based on their personal interests. We don’t think you’ll find any duds with these!

Web Summit by Devs for Devs

Living in a Sci-Fi World by Guilherme Pereira

The future is here! I’ve always been a fan of the sci-fi genre, and I think it’s amazing that some of the things that were portrayed in movies I loved as a kid are now reality. These talks highlight the incredible progress that’s been made across the major industries, as well as all the exciting developments that could be just around the corner.


Diverse Talks for a Diverse Society by Ariel Borges

Did you know last year was the first time there were more women in attendance at Web Summit than men? (Yessssss!!! 🙌🏼) As an LGBTQ female in the tech world, diversity is close to my heart. These sessions all feature DEI in some way and are led by women speakers.

Get Us Out of the Hole We’ve Dug by Ruben Mateus

I have a degree in biology and natural resources and switched careers to development just a few years ago. I’m fascinated by the impact technology can have on the environment — both good and bad. These talks shed some light on how to address the critical problems our planet is facing.

Bonus talk: Ariel & Ruben both like this one, but it didn’t fit into their categories 😉.
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Join us for the Women in Tech Meetup @ Reaktor office!

When you’re done at Web Summit, the fun, learning, and networking continue at Reaktor. Join us at our Lisbon office for the official Women in Tech meetup: Opportunities for Women in Tech: Resilience of the Tech Community

On November 2, we will get together with Wtech.club (community of Ukrainian women in tech) and Women in Tech Portugal to discuss the most burning issues of our industry with a focus on the opportunities and challenges that women are facing within the tech community. 

Event agenda:

18:30 Welcome drinks
19:00-20:00 Panel discussion:

Viroslava Novosylna, Co-founder of Wtech, Founder & CEO of SLOVA Tech PR
Ines Santos Silva, Chief Activist Officer & Co-Founder Portuguese Women in Tech and Founder & CEO Women(dot)Business
Patricia Ghiraldelli, Senior Software Developer at Reaktor, Reaktor Culture Ambassador in Lisbon
Cassandra Shapiro, Global Head of DEI at Reaktor

20:00-22:00 Party & networking
22:30 Shuttle busses to the Night Web Summit

Open positions at Reaktor Lisbon