Driving transformation towards Value-Based Healthcare through education

Demographic and economic shifts are causing strain on global healthcare systems by increasing health needs. Healthcare costs are growing and putting pressure on budgets and there is a clear need to slow the growing share of healthcare costs of GDP. 

Value-Based Healthcare is about maximizing health while decreasing the effort required. In traditional volume-based healthcare, we measure actions and tasks, while in value-based healthcare, we measure health. In Finland, where improved health has been achieved with fewer costs this method is seeing tremendous success and interest. value-based-health-care-education

Helsinki University Faculty of Medicine has partnered with Reaktor and Gesund Partners to create an open free online course aimed at healthcare professionals, public health policymakers, and medical students. The creators of this course firmly believe that making this course freely available for everyone interested in this topic will ultimately enable wellbeing and health for all of society.

“Novartis, the global healthcare company based in Switzerland, was one of the first patrons to join our project and share insights with their ecosystem”

A revolutionary approach to online education

This course has been launched in Finland in the context of Finnish healthcare with the backing of partners in the life sciences industry: Novartis and Janssen from Johnson & Johnson. They wanted to partake in the project to share insights with professionals navigating the everyday challenges of public healthcare and budgets.

Call for partners

We have now taken up the challenge of bringing this free online course to the European context and are looking for partners willing to back this mission. Would you be interested in becoming one of the patrons of this course, and help to create consensus and knowledge about the transformation in healthcare?

Head Of Growth

Viivi Pitkanen


Rethinking Health

Co-created by industry leaders and Reaktor Education

The fundamentals of Value-Based Healthcare is an online course created by Reaktor and Gesund Partners in partnership with the University of Helsinki.

The course itself is an entry-level course on the topic of Value-based Healthcare, allowing you to add value to your customers and other stakeholders, and create a common language around the topic. The course has been designed for students, physicians, nurses, policymakers, hospital directors, municipalities, pharmaceutical companies, and anyone who would like to find out more. Participants will get practical case examples and the information they need to form part of the conversation on shaping the future of healthcare.

What will participants learn?

  • The differing definitions of value-based care, from both a
provider and a societal perspective
  • Why value-based healthcare is relevant and needed for
 today’s healthcare challenges – and for those of tomorrow
  • How value-based healthcare is being used in various
 countries around the world, with real-life examples
  • The future of value-based healthcare and how it might
 be developed

Head Of Growth

Viivi Pitkanen