Certified Scrum Product Owner® (en)

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Helsinki7 Feb – 8 Feb 2023
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This 2-day Certified Scrum Product Owner course provides the means for an acting Product Owner to take over this demanding role with success. The Product Owner represents the users and customers of a product being developed with Scrum. In this position her responsibility is to ensure that the development teams are working on the right things — the most valuable and important things from the perspective of users, customers and the business. The Product Owner is in charge of what features are built into the product and when they are released.

Our training methods lean on active, participative learning techniques based on a combination of new concepts, first-hand experience in applying the concepts through group exercises, and reflective thinking around those experiences. Brain science shows that the most effective way to learn is a combination of active doing and questioning, building on what we already know and focusing attention to topics that participants have a native interest in.

Following completion of the course, participants will be registered as Certified Scrum Product Owners with the Scrum Alliance, including a two-year membership and access to its library of online resources.


The Certified Scrum Product Owner course begins with an overview of the Scrum framework and its underlying theory to ensure sufficient foundations for the more pragmatic topics of being a Product Owner. This two-day training focuses on helping the Product Owner understand and make sense of their market, users and the product — arming the Product Owner with practical tools for managing product development, assessing and reasoning about options, as well as defining and prioritizing Product Backlog items effectively.

Among other things, and topics brought up by the participants themselves, the trainers draw on a variety of topics depending on the context and interest of the participants:

  • How does Scrum differ from more traditional approaches to product management?
  • How does Scrum increase transparency and improve predictability?
  • How does Scrum help the Product Owner reduce project and business risks?
  • What is the Product Owner role and what are her responsibilities?
  • How to work with customers, users and other stakeholders?
  • How to scale the Product Owner role when one person can’t do it all?
  • How to describe users and their needs using personas?
  • How to lay the foundations of a good user experience with scenarios and storyboards?
  • How to write user stories to describe the product’s functionality?
  • What are the desirable characteristics of a Product Backlog Item?
  • How to maintain the Product Backlog with the whole team?
  • How to keep track of the big picture for the product being built?
  • How to validate work done in the Sprint Review meeting?
  • How to assess progress towards release plans and schedules?
  • How to scale Scrum framework and Product Owner role to meet the needs of large enterprise or big projects

Who should attend?

While the course is designed primarily for individuals acting as Product Owners it is also useful for people working directly with Product Owners in a supporting role as well as for executives and stakeholders seeking to understand the essentials of agile product management.

It is recommended that participants familiarize themselves with the foundations of Scrum before the training. Suggested reading before the course is The Scrum Guide. Fundamentals of Scrum are available also through short video clips at Scrum Alliance. Information in section “Scrum Theory and Values” (two videos total 9 min) is a prerequisite for training.


This course will be held in English.