Certified Agile Leadership (en)

€1200 (+ VAT)

In the autumn 2020 trainings we have took into account safety distances and decreased group sizes.


I want to be challenged and discover what kind of leader I am.
What does leadership mean for me?
What kind of leadership will help me achieve what I want?


No matter if you are a manager with decades of experience or if leadership or agile is fairly new to you, this course creates a container for that diversity and ambiguity to fuel growth and learning for all. This is what you’ll take away: how to create containers for greatness to happen. And how you personally want to improve to be able to do that.

Your take-aways

  • Start your journey to your next level of leadership
  • More clarity of who you are and what you want
  • More awareness of how you manage contexts and develop relationships
  • Clear focus on a growth challenge for the upcoming 6 month with a clear sense of progress
  • A set of principles which apply to leading your life, your team and your organisation
  • You will have experienced the effect of a container of trust, which leads people to show up and integrates ambiguities and diversity into a driving force
  • Knowing how it feels when you co-lead as a WE
  • A long list of inspirations and recommendations
  • New friends!

After the training the participants will receive Certified Agile Leadership credential 1 (CAL 1) . You can read more about CAL certificates behind this link.

What to expect?

We believe that the most valuable and sustainable leadership learning happens in human interactions, in the development of relationships. We minimise the time you spend sitting and listening to us. We maximise the depth and breadth of experience and provide mental models to make sense of what you discover.

The course starts with a survey and some preparation work before we meet, helping you to analyze your current knowledge in relation to the course. This helps you and the group to decide where to dive deeper and how to invest our face-to-face time. There will be a video call upfront where we will get to know each other. You focus on what to prepare and share your objectives for the course. We set you up for taking full responsibility for your learning journey during the two days we spend together.

We might ask you also to take the lead for a topic in the course. Everybody in the course will be challenged, independent of how long you’ve already been leading or how experienced you are in the agile context. Olaf will co-create the content with all of you, modelling the agile way of leading together: from the start of creating a container of trust until diving into successful examples of agile transformations. The most effective agile methods and tools as well as the TrustTemenos leadership model will be used to work with the content of the course. It is an art to know when to lead and follow. This course is special in that Olaf will be taking part as well and contributing their own personal stories. This fluent change of roles and responsibilities, deciding what to do in which context and situation is adding to your experience.

On the first day the focus will be on your personal journey. On day two we will apply our learnings and principles, along with our model and other tools to the frame of agile organisations. Be prepared to be surprised and challenged. You may bring your comfort zone but you might not spend much time in it.

Who is it for?

  • Executives, Manager and Leaders of all levels
  • Scrum-Master, Product Owner, Agile Coaches
  • Project and Team Leads

About the coach

As Trust Artist and Certified Enterprise Coach with the Scrum Alliance, Olaf Lewitz is a veteran and leader in the international agile community. In almost 20 years, he has visited and helped hundreds of organisations to transform. In that work, exploring culture and making sense of leadership have become his speciality. His strategy: increasing trust and responsibility through invitation and clarity.

Olaf invites us to trust ourselves and others. He believes: You deserve to love what you do.


This course will be held in English.