AI fundamentals for decision-makers

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Get the up-to-date briefing on AI from our leading experts, well-versed in both the academic research and practical applications of the technology.

Our AI fundamentals training is a customized deep-dive into one of the most important technological shifts of our day. After this session, you’ll have a solid understanding of the basic tenets of AI, the terminology and different options, and how you can make it work in your specific industry.

Tailored to fit your team’s needs, this training is ideal for top management looking to understand and leverage AI within their specific industry.

Understand what AI means for your industry

After this customized training, you will:

  • Get a bird’s eye view of the Artificial Intelligence field
  • Understand what AI is and be able to use the associated terminology confidently
  • Know where AI has already been applied and learn techniques for assessing how it can be utilized in your industry
  • Get a concrete idea of what should be done next in your organization in order to succeed with AI

Customized to fit your needs

  • A tailored workshop customized to fit your unique needs, industry, and context
  • Top management and business decision-makers
  • Participatory and hands-on
  • Can be arranged as half-day or full-day workshop
  • Ideal for a small group of 10–20 participants

Get trained by leading AI experts

This training is lead by our AI experts who have decades of experience in working with Artificial Intelligence solutions, both in academic research and real-world settings. Their deep understanding of the field allows them to see past the hype and explain what the real possibilities of AI are, and how we can start benefiting from it in practice.

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