A resilient organisation

€500 (+ VAT)

In times of change and crisis, an organisation might not be able to react and operate normally. The number of social encounters is diminished, the flow of information is hampered, and trust is reduced. As a consequence, organisational culture might start to crumble, and individuals and teams’ ability to face changes reduces.

A resilient organisation half-day training focuses on building a resilient organisation, why your organization ought to be one, and what typical challenges leaders face.

The training is designed for the management level, leaders of change, change agents, HR specialists, and everyone in charge of maintaining the operational ability of an organisation in times of crisis.



  • Creating conditions for a learning organisation
  • Leading a self-steering organisation
  • Technological solutions for the changing reality
  • Leading change
  • Understanding systemic change


500€ / participant

4500€/ 12 people


This training will be held in English.