Growing resilience to gain competitive edge

As the world is coming to terms with our new, constantly changing reality caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, resilience is becoming more crucial than ever. Agile teams that have systematically worked on their adaptability are best equipped to stay afloat. Still, a lot can be done to foster resilience right at this moment, no matter what has been prioritized in the past.

For years, Reaktor has successfully helped major companies become more agile and resilient. Our experienced coaches are here to help you respond quickly to this unprecedented situation and gain a competitive edge.

We know our way around remote trainings: we provide individual guidance, personal support, and tailored advice to carry you through the turbulence.

Free online workshop:

Building resilience under pressure

The global pandemic has instigated radical changes in the way we work and act together. The constantly changing reality has altered our ways of working, and we want to do our share in helping fellow knowledge workers build resilience and thrive under pressure.

That’s why we are excited to announce that on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, Reaktor’s coach Kati Vilkki will host a 90-minute online workshop to help you to find your inner resources in the face of demanding conditions.

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We also provide customized training to meet specific needs in this unprecedented situation. Let’s figure what benefits your organization the most, together.


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Getting started with remote

Choose the right tools

Take your kanban boards and other physical resources online and choose the right video app for your needs. Trust your teams to know what works best for them and give them the autonomy to find their flow.

Re-evaluate all your ways of working

Things that worked out well during the pre-corona era might not be suitable for the new reality. Don’t get stuck on old habits but instead innovate new ideas for staying connected.


Make sure you are using the decreased face time efficiently and keeping tabs on your important stakeholders. Finding common ground between people is now more important than ever.

Stay connected & socialize online

Meet your colleagues online even when you’re not having an official meeting. Other people’s presence helps with feelings of isolation. Don’t forget the casual chitchat: talk about something else than work as well.

Take care of yourself – and your peers

Remember to look after your mental ergonomy. The best antidote for stress is doing things that take your mind away from all this. Remember to eat, sleep and exercise. And ask your coworkers how they are holding up.

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