Growing resilience to gain competitive edge

As the world is coming to terms with our new, constantly changing reality caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, resilience is becoming more crucial than ever. Agile teams that have systematically worked on their adaptability are best equipped to stay afloat. Still, a lot can be done to foster resilience right at this moment, no matter what has been prioritized in the past.

For years, Reaktor has successfully helped major companies become more agile and resilient. Our experienced coaches are here to help you respond quickly to this unprecedented situation and gain a competitive edge.

We know our way around remote trainings: we provide individual guidance, personal support, and tailored advice to carry you through the turbulence.

Get an up-to-date briefing on AI from our leading experts, tailored to your needs

Our AI fundamentals training is a customized deep-dive into one of the most important technological shifts of our day. After this session, you’ll have a solid understanding of the basic tenets of AI, the terminology and different options, and how you can make it work in your specific industry.

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We also provide customized training to meet specific needs in this unprecedented situation. Let’s figure what benefits your organization the most, together.

What Reaktor training can be like

In April, over 700 people around the world signed up for a live Resilience under pressure online workshop hosted by our coach Kati Vilkki. This 90-minute workshop provides you with tools to adapt to challenging situations. You can now watch the full recording of the workshop in Finnish or in English to discover e.g. how you can foster your resilience and wellbeing, as well as help your team and organization move forward.

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