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Perfect! We're looking for the rough diamonds, experts in the making. We always aim to hire the best potential out there. Scroll down to learn more about our trainee positions and what it's like to work at Reaktor.

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Get to know some of our previous trainees

“My advice is to apply! If you’re even a bit intrigued, forget the reasons why you wouldn’t get hired. Think about what you have to offer, and more importantly, what Reaktor could offer you.”

Say hello to Noora. She is one of our UX designers who joined Reaktor as a summer trainee in 2021.

“Reaktor has a strong culture of knowledge sharing, and you cannot avoid learning new things about tech and consulting on a weekly basis. For me, that’s a pretty good reason to send an application.”

Say hello to Perttu. He is one of our software developers who joined Reaktor as a summer trainee in 2021.

“I’ve heard people saying that it’s almost impossible to land a summer job at Reaktor. My experience is different. Instead of magic tricks, doing the pre-assignment well and knowing the basics is what Reaktor is really after.”

Say hello to Ville. He is one of our software developers who joined Reaktor as a springtime trainee in early 2021.

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As a trainee, why should I apply to Reaktor?

That’s a good question! There can be different answers regarding who’s asking. However, we’re proud to say that as a trainee at Reaktor, you get to work on meaningful projects in which you can learn and develop your substance skills while working with some of the most experienced experts in the field. In addition to seasoned colleagues, we have a broad range of interesting client projects that might offer you a home for the spring, summer, or fall. Our previous trainees have worked on projects. e.g. for adidas, YLE, Finavia, and Aava.

P.S. If you’d like to get tips for landing a trainee job at Reaktor, check out our Github.

Do I need to speak Finnish to land a trainee position at Reaktor?

Not necessarily! Due to our current project portfolio, fluency in Finnish is a plus. However, in some cases, an English-only developer with good programming skills can easily land a job. As to designers trainee, it is a bit harder for us to offer projects in English but we hope that wouldn’t prevent anyone from applying. We’re evaluating the situation always case by case and looking into every candidate’s profile as a whole and not solely focusing on language skills. 

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What kind of tasks do your trainees do?

As a developer trainee, you’ll work in one of our client projects as an equal member of the Reaktor team. We don’t expect you to know everything; you can always reach out to a more senior team member for advice.  You’ll be doing everything from designing, writing and testing code to reviewing it – among other things.

You’ll usually work in one client project at a time, and your tasks will most likely vary depending on the project you’re working on. In addition to your Reaktor team, you will also work closely with the client(s), putting your excellent communication skills to use.

Are your trainees getting paid?

Yes, absolutely! We’re following the salary recommendations given out by TEK when determining our trainees’ starting salaries. Previous work and/or other relevant experience are also taken into consideration and they can positively affect the starting salary. 

Are you hiring trainees in your offices outside Helsinki?

For the fall 2022 trainee positions, we are only looking for candidates for the HQ in Helsinki. 

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I’m under 18 years old. Can I apply for a trainee position?

Unfortunately, not yet. Currently, we employ trainees over 18 years old only. However, we encourage you to keep on honing your programming or designing skills and apply once you’re a bit older. Until then, you might want to check out our tips for learning. 

I’m not a developer nor a designer. Can I still apply for a trainee position at Reaktor?

Sadly, we’re usually able to offer trainee positions only for software developers and digital designers. However, we are constantly keen on getting to know new talents. If you’re looking for something else than a developer/designer job, you can check out