Reaktor Remote – Have your cake and eat it too

Live wherever in Finland, work on the most ambitious tech projects out there.

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What we offer

Pick the sweetest projects, anywhere and everywhere.

Just imagine this: our global clientele and roster of intriguing gigs – at your disposal, anywhere in Finland, in an environment of your choosing. Your wants and needs are taken into consideration in staffing; if you don’t like a project, we'll help you find a new one.

Make your own corner office.

The Reaktor Cribs team and our on-call physiotherapist help you turn any corner of the woods into a workspace. In addition to all your preferred work gear, things like an ergonomic desk, office chair, light therapy lamp and Wi-Fi are also on us. Hell, get a plant too!

A remote community like no other.

Hobby groups, Community of Practices, and the remote office operations team’s number one priority is to facilitate and encourage meaningful conversations. Our wide array of trainings and coffee chats happen indiscriminately of location (and will continue to do so after the pandemic).

Go see the team whenever you want.

Team day in Turku? Sure. A training you’d like to attend live? Do it. Company trip, holiday party, in Finland, outside of Finland? You’ve got it! While we do believe a community can prosper in a remote setting and you are totally free to never leave your cabin again, any and all face-to-face bonding you want to do with the team is encouraged and, naturally, reimbursed.

Come build the remote community with us

Have doubts? Drop us a line and we'll share our insight.

Software Developer, Reaktor Remote

Jere Nurminen

Software Developer, Reaktor Remote

Tommi Haapaniemi

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