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Award-winning Design combined with high performance software engineering. We are your partner for User Centered Design, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce and Digital Strategy.

Dubai Internet City
Building #2
Room 128

Agile to the core

Reaktor’s 90-day innovation model.

Consistent innovation is challenging and requires collaboration over organizational boundaries. With our partners, we take ideas into services that solve validated customer needs. We focus on prototyping and quickly defining a service that provides real value to customers, while controlling the risk for the company.


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CEO Reaktor MEA

Tuukka Konttinen

+971 55 933 9245

CTO Reaktor MEA

Alberto Lobrano

Director of Experience Design

Matheus Neves


Some of our partners in the region.

What we do

From high-level strategy to hands-on delivery

  • Digital Strategy
  • Data Strategy & Enablement
  • Data Science & AI
  • AI Training
  • E-Commerce and Retail
  • App Design & Development
  • Responsive Websites
  • Devops & Infrastructure
  • Banking and Fintech
  • Backend Integrations
  • Microservices
  • Agile Practices & Trainings
  • Service Design
  • Satellite
  • Wearables
  • User Experience & Research
  • Digital Design
  • Usability and Design Audits
  • IFE Systems

Design & Technology

Helping leading companies in the MEA region to stay ahead of the curve.

Experience Design and Digital Strategy

Leading team of researchers, designers and strategists crafting the next big thing with a focus on user-centered design and bleeding edge technology.

Data Science and AI Enablement

Creating the foundation for data science to scale and deliver value throughout operations for leading companies. High powered work utilizing microservices to deliver one of a kind insights.

Future of E-commerce and Retail

Supporting retail operations to drive supply chain efficiency. From PIM (Product Information Management) implementations to full fledged e-commerce delivery. Bespoke solutions for payment, logistic and last mile delivery.

“Digital Transformation starts with people not technology”

Dubai Team

Data Scientists, Designers and Fullstack Developers.

Tuukka Konttinen

CEO Reaktor MEA

Alberto Lobrano

CTO Reaktor MEA

Matheus Neves

Experience Design Director

Rinad Orabi

Director of Business Development

Jenny Rasanen

Talent Acquisition

Eos Pan

Lead Product Designer

Pavel Nesterov

Principal Data Scientist

Pavel Golubev

Principal Data Scientist

Ahmed Sobih

Principal Data Scientist

Andrea Valdi

Lead Full Stack Developer

Steven Rowney

Lead Full Stack Developer

Cavan O’Connor

Lead Full Stack Developer

Gabriel Lumbi

Lead Full Stack Developer

Turjo Tuohiniemi

Agile Coach (HKI)

Juha Rantanen

Make It Happener (HKI)

Johan Himberg

Chief Data Scientist (HKI)

Lauri Heino

Senior Full Stack Developer (HKI)

Janne Laiho

Senior Full Stack Developer (HKI)

Raine Virta

Senior Full Stack Developer (HKI)

Emilia Vahvelainen

Lead Service Designer (HKI)

Isabella Holm

Human Insights Lead (HKI)

Vesa Metsätähti

Lead Service Designer (HKI)

Kate Pashinova

Senior Product Designer (HKI)

Olof Hoverfalt

Principal Consultant, Business Design (HKI)

Janne Suokkonen

Principal Consultant, Business Design (HKI)

Timo Rotonen

Lead Service Designer (HKI)

Timo Helenius

Lead Service Designer (HKI)

Michael Holler

Lead Product Designer (HKI))

Mikko Kaipio

Lead Product Designer (HKI)

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