Privacy Policy – Recruitment register – Reaktor Innovations Oy

1. Registry Holder

Reaktor Innovations Oy

Yliopistonkatu 4, 00100 Helsinki

tel. 09 – 415 202 00

2. Point of contact

All questions regarding the register can be directed to

3. Purpose of the registry

The purpose of this register is to handle and maintain job applications received by Reaktor Innovations Oy.

Data provided by the applicant will be stored for two (2) years, and may be accessed upon later applications. All data is stored confidentially and is only available to people taking part in the recruitment process. With their permission, an applicant may allow information to be stored beyond the aforementioned two-year period.

4. Contents of the registry

  • Basic information pertaining to the applicant (name, contact details)
  • Any other unstructured information willfully and personally submitted by the applicant

5. 3rd party release of data

Contact information contained in the registry is used as required by recruitment purposes within Reaktor Group only. Information contained in the registry is not released outside of Reaktor Group.

6. Information removal

Applicants have to right to have data concerning their person to be corrected or removed from the registry. All requests are to be forwarded to the address specified in Section 2.

7. Transfer of data outside EU/EEC

Candidate information is stored in Highrise – a US-based cloud service. Applicant data may be transferred outside the EU/EEC as required by the fulfillment of application processing. Upon sending their application, a candidate chooses to accept the transfer of their personal data. Privacy policy of Highrise is available here.

8. Data protection principles

All personal information is considered confidential. Access to registry is made available only to select group of employees of Reaktor Innovations Oy and only for recruitment purposes. The network and equipment of registry holder and its partners have been secured using appropriate measures.