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The latest in tech and software development

Mikael Kopteff


A hands-on technology leader with expertise in software architecture and modern technology phenomena, such as Quantum, Blockchain, microservices, cloud, IoT, and AI. Interested in organizational design, systems thinking, and building autonomous tech organizations.

Blog: Scaling our business beyond 500 with distributed responsibility

HS: Suomi ei voi voittaa ilman maailman parhaita koodareita

Modern leadership, resilience, low hierarchy

Kati Vilkki

Lead Coach

An organization whisperer with 20+ years of experience as a leader and coach in tech companies. She has a deep understanding of the concepts of low hierarchy, agile, lean, autonomy, resilience, organizational trust, and cultural transformation – and she can explain those with a relatable twist.

Inc: How Finland is Reinventing the Return to Work Experience

Kauppalehti: Näin työyhteisöt selviävät kriisin yli

AI, business & data strategy, sustainability in fashion

Olof Hoverfält

Principal Consultant

Expert in how data and AI have changed societies and the way we do business – and how they continue to do so. He recently made waves with his viral wardrobe data project, exploring consumption habits and sustainability.

VentureBeat: Building AI that doesn’t give your users ‘algorithmic fatigue’

Dagens Industri: Konsultens tips blev succé

Gaming, e-commerce

Sarita Runeberg

Business Director

Global sales & digital marketing leader with strong expertise in gaming, e-commerce, and retail. She’ll tell you the latest in player engagement, personalization, and safety in online gaming, for instance.

Case: Great games deliver great digital experiences

Defense, security, ethics of AI

Leo Heng

Chief Strategist

A leading expert in the Defense and Security field, working with projects related to AI in the defense sector, hybrid warfare, information operations, situational awareness, command and control, resilience, and crisis management.

HS: Kriiseihin varautuminen ei ulotu ohjelmistokehitykseen

Case: Holding the digital frontline of defense and security

Online education, future of work, AI

Megan Schaible

COO, Reaktor Education

A compelling public speaker currently revolutionizing online learning for our rapidly evolving society. She has a background in technology entrepreneurship, AI and machine learning, business strategy, and marketing and branding for complex technologies.

Tedx Talk: Rethinking online education

Monocle 24: Future-proofing the next generation

MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy: Global grand prize winner

AI and society, algorithms, algorithmic bias

Johan Himberg

Senior advisor, AI

A trusted adviser in data science, artificial intelligence, and data journalism. With a background in academic research, he’s fluent in all things data science and machine learning.

Keynote: Data science and AI in the real world

HS: Rakkauden algoritmi

Digital strategy, innovations

Hannamari Lakkala

Consultant, member of the leadership team in Finland

Skilled in explaining how digitalization can turn into a growth engine for business, how to build systematic ways to nurture innovation, and how to commercialize ideas big and small. 

Blog: Why a happy customer can be a silly goal

Space, defense, telecommunications

Juha-Matti Liukkonen

Director, Space & New Technologies

An accomplished expert in telecommunications infrastructure, small satellites and constellations, robotics, and automotive information technology. Space industry representative at the National Space Committee.

HS: Asiantuntijat kertovat, miten Eurooppa voi kehittyä avaruuskilpailussa

Video: The impacts of IoT in engineering

Airline industry, digitalization in aviation

Konsta Hansson

MD, Reaktor Aero

In charge of a business unit building digital services for the world’s leading airlines, such as AirFrance KLM, Finnair, ANA, and Virgin Atlantic. Visionary views about the future of travel, the airline industry, and the digitalization of aviation.

Case Aero: A better digital customer experience means better business

People Ops, work-life balance, recovery

Elina Andstén

Head of HR

Experienced human resources professional energized about wellbeing at work. She shares expert advice in fostering balance, recovery, and creativity – and is all about bringing your human side to work. She has authored the wildly popular Amsterdam Relocation Guide, now used by tech professionals all over the city.

The Amsterdam Relocation Guide

Retail, e-commerce, innovation

Michael Levitz

Chief Business Officer

A business leader passionate about developing innovative digital products and retail experiences that engage consumers, drive results, and give brands a voice. As the author of the Order of Operations newsletter, Michael shares the latest in retail, e-com, omnichannel, and technology.

Inc: How Streaming is Reinventing E-commerce

Retail Gazette: Livestream shopping – is this the future of fashion?

Digital frameworks, future forecasting, design, DTC brands

Dijana Atanasovska

Strategist & Design Researcher

Dijana has a multidisciplinary background combining evidence-based strategy, research, and design. She is a futurist who is fascinated by the relationship between humans and innovation.

Blog: Transforming the museum experience for a digital world

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