Responsible Reaktor

The brave new world is built in many ways every day, and the tech industry plays a key role: It's our biases that can scale up from the individual level to products, services, and structures of society.

We are in the business of changing how the world works. That means we can also shape it for the better. 

We treasure sustainability, diversity, and accountability – the act of being human. Ever since our early days 20 years ago, we’ve put effort into these topics both in our work and within ourselves.

Here you’ll find some of our long-term partnerships, development programs, and favorite projects.

Black Girls Code

It’s a blast diving into problem-solving, journey mapping, and product thinking with the girls at Black Girls Code. We love to mentor bright minds and are committed to increasing the share of women of color in our industry.

Reaktor Space

Satellites are a core focus for us and they’re taking us farther than ever. That includes new ways of monitoring climate change. Our satellite technology will be able to spot forest fires, gas leakages, and even illegal fishing vessels.

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