Lisbon, meet Reaktor! A company where developers solve human problems with first-class technologies.

Nordic by heritage, human by heart.

Do you want to solve meaningful digital challenges while getting all the support you need to grow into your best developer self?

Our new tech community of the brightest engineers is opening its doors, hearts and minds in Lisbon.

And we can’t wait to meet you! 


Meet Reaktor

We are a consultancy helping international clients (adidas, Lego, HBO, Finavia, FC Liverpool, and others) succeed in technology. Our Nordic culture defines the key principle of Reaktor: offering exceptional technological competence while deeply caring about the wellbeing of our team-mates.

For more than 20 years, Reaktor has been shaping the digital landscape from our HQ in Helsinki and global offices in Amsterdam, Stockholm, New York and Tokyo. And we don’t want to stop there 🚀 We are planning to double our international team in size in the coming years.






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Lisbon hub

We are very excited to start a new office in the city with the best sea views, yellow trams riding up the hills, and the tastiest pastel de nata. Which at the same time happens to be one of the most buzzing technology hubs, ranks among the safest cities in Europe, and is accessible from all the European capitals in under 4 hours. We try to choose office locations that can offer the highest life standards and happiness levels to Reaktorians, and Lisbon ticks all the boxes.

Our mission is to establish a tight tech community in Lisbon spreading Reaktor good vibes. We are bringing engineers of various professional and personal backgrounds together to work on international projects, share expertise, travel between Reaktor offices in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki, New York and Tokyo and connect with colleagues and clients from all over the world. 

New people bring in new types of thinking – in that we see the key benefit of growth. We plan to build up our Lisbon community making it one of our key nodes for technological growth.

Open positions

We are hiring a great tech team to make Lisbon office one of our key centres of technological growth. 

What will your daily life look like?

Wake up, take a relaxed sip of your morning coffee and arrive at a beautiful office space to be greeted by a friendly group of your Reaktor team-mates (as COVID permits of course).

Team and clients

You will gather with your colleagues to create, learn, and enjoy dinners together. You can also work remotely on certain days and use flexible hours whenever you need to take some time off. Your project team might be spread out across all Reaktor locations, and you’ll be working with clients based around Europe. 


Our HUG (People Operations) team has a full onboarding prepared to make you comfortable with the Reaktor ways of working, introduce you to the culture and help you feel a part of the team in no time. You will be in close touch with Reaktorians based in Amsterdam, Helsinki and Stockholm through office visits and exchange programs. And don’t forget our global Communities of Practice – we love to share stories, knowledge and experience. 

Projects and technologies

Our award-winning work in consulting, engineering, and production is based on technological expertise and curiosity. We cover everything from technology strategy to architecting, implementing, and running systems. You will get to work with clients operating in very different domains: healthcare, education, retail, media, transportation, finance, and defense, to name a few.

We believe that talented developers can create great things in any language. For that reason, we see ourselves as technology agnostic.

We support your development

We are here to fully support you in your development journey. Let’s partir a loiça toda (be amazing) together, as the Portuguese say it 😀

You can take part in certification programs (for example, Scrum master) and numerous trainings organized both by senior Reaktorians and external experts. You are always welcome to contribute ideas and share knowledge as well.

We constantly learn from our colleagues. During our lunch-break Communities of Practice you can join Reaktorians from all over the world to discuss topics like mobile development, team building, analytics & growth and much, much more. 

And don’t forget Reaktor’s very own podcast diving deep into the topics developers obsess over! Take a listen at what your future colleagues have been up to.

Reaktor culture - what’s in it for you?

We offer everything you’d expect of an international tech company, but what really makes us different is our culture — and that isn’t so easy to put on paper. Our 5-star glassdoor ranking can do part of the talking. 

Freedom and trust 

The new smaller offices have the benefit of making fast decisions and experimenting by doing, and they are always backed up by Reaktor at large. This allows us to form meaningful connections with every team member and ensure that everyone has a say in how the company works. We trust you from day one to know best what you need to get the job done – be it selecting relevant tools and technologies, learning a new language or working flexible hours. 

Community and whole personalities

We are always looking for whole personalities with their personal quirkiness who like to connect beyond the job-related conversations. And we love to spend time together! To keep the Reaktorian community blooming, we organize Thursday dinners and hang out at the office playing board games, participating in cooking workshops and enjoying a glass of kombucha or champagne on a Friday. You can participate in a podcast club, organize a cycling trip, or join a group to dive deeper into code with friends. There are tons of Slack hobby channels for you to join. We often travel together (when the situation allows) to visit Reaktor offices, attend events and go on company trips.

Reaktor is also taking an effort to make the world even a slightly better place by taking action whenever we can. In the last twenty years, we’ve focused efforts on things we love, value and excel in, sectors like education, recruitment, and technology. As citizens, we treasure sustainability, diversity, and accountability – the act of being human. You can check out some of our favourite projects here.

Here is a sneak peak of our office life:

We don’t mean to create clones of Reaktor culture around the globe, on the contrary, we appreciate that every location has a special flavor to it. But there are some things that unite all Reaktorians: how we approach projects, build teams, and form relationships with each other and our clients.

Perks and benefits

Interesting job, competitive salary, international team… Wait, there is more?

  • The latest computer and phone of your choice
  • Screens, keyboard, headphones
  • An ergonomic home office if needed
  • Flexible working hours
  • Extended health insurance 
  • Healthy and not-so-healthy snacks and drinks at the office
  • Team activities and get-togethers
  • Travel expenses 
  • Fully paid trips between offices
  • Phone subscription
  • Home internet expenses coverage
  • Company trips (when the pandemic situation permits)
  • Company shares
  • Compensation of any development activities (courses, conferences, certifications, etc.)

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