Interested in a junior position?

Perfect! We’re regularly looking for the rough diamonds, experts in the making. Every time we plan to hire the best potential out there. Currently, we don’t have open junior positions available, but we'll announce future positions on this page soon, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can read more about our junior positions below.

Get to know some of our previous summer stars.

Maria joined us as a visual designer trainee in 2017. Now she’s a kick-ass designer who especially loves to dive into projects with social or environmental dimensions to be considered. Besides her passion for great usability, she also has a special place in her heart dedicated to Crossfit, aviation, and Lapland.

Otto made his first website at the age of 9, so it was just a question of time when he would continue with it at Reaktor. That day arrived in 2019 when he joined the crew as a front-end summer developer. He spent his summer in Turku working on an impactful project for an international client (adidas) and continued his work in Helsinki after the summer. After intense but rewarding hours in the context of front-end development, Otto often heads to the waves, whether sailing or swimming.

Evan, an enthusiastic mathematics and Star Wars fan, joined us as a summer developer in 2018. Since then, he has become a superb full-stack developer who thrives in a laid-back environment where no-one (especially himself) is taken too seriously. His favorite toolset consists of Clojure and React – and great fellow team members. As the learning never stops, Evan would like to get more into cloud services, AI, and data science in the future.

Aino joined us as a visual designer trainee in 2015, and later she found herself in the marketing team. Recently her path took a turn to the ever-fascinating world of UX design, where her illustrating skills came into good use. Next she is keen to deepen her knowledge in animation. Most of her free time Aino spends drawing, making pottery or any other crafts you can do without a computer.


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As a junior employee, why should I apply to Reaktor?

That’s a good question! There can be different answers regarding who’s asking. However, we’re proud to say that as a junior employee at Reaktor, you get to work on meaningful projects in which you can learn and develop your substance skills while working with some of the most experienced experts in the field. In addition to seasoned colleagues, we have a broad range of interesting client projects that might offer you a home for the spring or summer. Our previous summer employees have worked on projects. e.g. for adidas, YLE, Finavia, and Aava.

Do I need to speak Finnish to land a junior job at Reaktor?

It depends on your forte! Let’s put it like this: due to our current project portfolio, fluency in Finnish is a huuuge plus. As to summer designers, we’re currently only looking for people who are fluent in Finnish. Nevertheless, in some cases, an English-only developer with cosmic programming skills could land a job.

What kind of tasks do your junior employees do?

As a summer or spring employee, you’ll work in one of our client projects as an equal member of the Reaktor team. We don’t expect you to know everything; you can always reach out to a more senior team member for advice.  

As a developer, you’ll be doing everything from designing, writing and testing code to reviewing it. As a UX/visual designer, you’ll be working with different interfaces, contributing to layouts, prototyping, and user testing – among other things. 

You’ll usually work in one client project at a time, and your tasks will most likely vary depending on the project you’re working on. In addition to your Reaktor team, you will also work closely with the client(s), putting your excellent communication skills to use.

Are your junior employees getting paid?

Yes, absolutely! We’re following the salary recommendations given out by TEK when determining our junior employees’ starting salaries. Previous work and/or other relevant experience are also taken into consideration and they can positively affect the starting salary. 

Are you hiring junior employees in your offices outside Helsinki?

Yes, we are! Currently, in addition to our Helsinki positions, we have open summer positions for developers in Turku. Depending on the project range and needs, we might also be able to offer some of our summer employees an opportunity to work in our Amsterdam office for a while. This will be considered case by case.

I’m a service designer looking for a summer job. Should I apply?

It depends! Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer summer jobs for designers who are merely focused on service design. Thus, in order to guarantee meaningful client projects for a relatively short period of time, we’re first and foremost looking for summer designers with strong skills in either UX or visual design. However, service and concept design is definitely something we do as a company, so if you have strong UX or visual design skills in addition to your service design skills, we encourage you to apply. Knowledge in service and concept design in addition to UX or visual skills makes an interesting combination.

I’m not a developer nor a designer. Can I still apply for a junior position at Reaktor?

Sadly, we’re currently able to offer junior positions only for software developers and digital designers. However, we are constantly keen on getting to know new talents. If you’re looking for something else than a spring/summer job, you can always send us an open application.