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Forget unicorns - we’d much rather work with real human beings. Don’t be ready. Be curious to learn.

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At Reaktor,  you are free to develop your own career path and embrace your personal quirkiness. Can we help you flourish? Can you help us be an even better community? Let’s talk.

What is Reaktor?

Reaktor is a consultancy that helps our clients (adidas, Finavia, FC Liverpool, and others) succeed in technology. We create digital products, services, and strategies.

We’ve also been demystifying programming by teaching kids to code with LEGO, educating people about the elements of AI, sending a satellite to space, and much more.

Why you should join our team

We have a 5-star Glassdoor rating. The main reason? In everything we do, we put people first.

Our Amsterdam office has a unique vibe, being a lively mix of 20 nationalities. This allows us to form meaningful connections with every team member and ensure that you have a say in how the company works.

When you join Reaktor, you join a team of world-leading developers and designers who are happy to share their knowledge and also learn from you. You can develop to be your best professional self by taking part in numerous trainings and global communities of practice.

We hire a personality, not a pair of hands. That means that fellow Reaktorians will be excited to connect with you beyond the day-to-day. You can participate in a podcast club, go on a ride on a company boat, or join a hobby group to dive deeper into code with friends.

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Perks of Reaktor Amsterdam

We offer everything you’d expect of a tech company, but what really makes us different is our culture — and that isn’t so easy to put on paper. Nevertheless, we’ll give it a try:


Flexibility in working hours and choosing your projects and technologies.


Amsterdam office is led by a Leadership Team instead of a single CEO. At the heart of our culture is making sure you always have a say.


Make use of an unlimited learning budget and participate in our global training and communities of practice.


Shape the career path you like: try on different roles as you grow at Reaktor.


You’ll be working with top minds who are happy to connect within and beyond working hours.


If it can make work faster and easier, it’s on your table. You’ll receive the latest phone and laptop models as well as the opportunity to choose any tool you need to do your best work.

The necessary stuff

To make your life comfortable, we provide health insurance, a pension plan, phone subscription, travel costs, and extended vacation days.

The cool stuff

The company boat, office trips and parties (when we are back to the new normal).

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“Reaktor is all about togetherness and amazing colleagues who want you to succeed. During my years here I've grown from a mere developer to a team builder while taking my development skills to levels I didn't even know existed.”

Niko Kettunen, Lead Software Developer