Value Based Health Care - Online Course Material

Value-based healthcare is all about maximizing health with minimum effort. In traditional healthcare, actions and tasks are measured. In value based health care, health is measured. The method has been a tremendous success in Finland, where better health has been achieved with less costs.

Based on experience in Finland, we have developed an award winning value-based health-care course material for Nations, Private healthcare companies or Universities who want to teach large groups of people about value based health-care. The course is excellent starting point to any given organization starting to implement value based health care. 



Private healthcare company: For private healthcare companies a value based healthcare means better results with less investments.

Universities: Our course is a perfect introductory level course for anyone interested in medicine.

Nations: Trying to reduce the public healthcare costs and at the same time increase public health is a tedious task. Getting best possible results with the given resources is exactly what value based health care is about. With this course you can wake entire country to talk about migrating into more efficient healthcare.


The fundamentals of value based care 

Global events have shown us that healthcare matters  more than ever. Value-based healthcare has been  proposed as a solution for better results – for individual  patients and for society as a whole.  

The course has been designed for students, physicians,  nurses, policy makers, hospital directors, municipalities,  pharmaceutical companies, and indeed anyone who  would like to find out more. You’ll get practical case  examples and the information you need to be part of the  discussion about shaping the future of healthcare.



What will participants learn?

  • The differing definitions of value-based care, from both a
provider and a societal perspective
  • Why value-based healthcare is relevant and needed for
 today’s healthcare challenges – and for those of tomorrow
  • How value-based healthcare is being used in various
 countries around the world, with real-life examples
  • The future of value-based healthcare and how it might
 be developed

Insights - Case Finland

Interested in introducing value-based healthcare into your country or organization? Do not hesitate to contact us for further insights on our online course material.

Head Of Growth

Viivi Pitkanen