How Artificial Intelligence can improve your country competitiveness?

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National competitiveness is build with education

Just like personal competitiveness is increased by studying, a national competitiveness is built with national education. It is not really rocket science, is it. If you investigate which countries invest the most in public education, and then you compare  that list to worlds most competitive countries, you will find out that the same countries are in the both lists. Countries such as Singapore, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland.

All these countries invest in national education – which then improves citizens personal education, which automatically leads to global competitiveness.

By the way, if you search for the countries where people are happiest, again you find many of the same countries: Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden. This is not really a surprise when you think about it. People are happy when they feel important and competent, both of which can be achieved with education.

How Artificial Intelligence education can improve your country’s competitiveness?

Nothing will change the world in the next ten years as much as artificial intelligence. AI will be introduced in every possible segment from finance to health care, public services or education.  AI will form part of our life and in many occasions already is, whether you know it or not.

When it becomes to a national competitiveness, the more citizens get interested in education, technology and AI, the better for your national competitiveness.

How to make your citizens interested in technology and AI? This is exactly why we developed our Elements of AI course. It is developed to demystify artificial intelligence. Make it something everyone can understand. It is a perfect first step to AI for anyone even vaguely interested in technology.

Finland as forerunner

National competitiveness is exactly why Finnish government already invested in Elements of AI and promotes it actively for all Finnish citizens together with Helsinki University.

 I highly recommend this course to all Finnish citizens

Sauli Niinistö (President of Finland)


Artificial intelligence is like electricity: it will impact all of our lives in ways we are just now discovering.

Awarded Elements of AI -online course material 

Elements of AI has already over half a million participants and it is the best rated computer science course in Class Central, beating big names like Stanford, MIT, Harvard. It has drawn an audience that consists of 40% women students (double avg. for computer science) and it has been featured in over 500 different media outlets. The course has won the Global Grand Prize in MIT Inclusion Innovation Challenge. 

Introducing AI in a national level?

The Elements of AI is a series of online courses created by us together with the University of Helsinki.  The courses combine theory with practical exercises and can be completed at everyone’s own pace.

From Elements Of AI Course administrator interface, you can easily see how students or citizens are proceeding in different parts of the country.




Ville Valtonen

How the participants liked it

“Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world more than electricity”

Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman of Board, Nokia

“I am very impressed by the focus on AI in Finland and the training 1% of Finnish population in AI - I wish it´s a template other countries can use. ”

Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google