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Global reference in User Experience, Digital Design & Strategy

We work from High-level Strategy to hands-on delivery of production ready digital services and applications. Our case studies go from e-commerce to complete new value proposition services, always find the best solution to address user needs, business goals and technologically possible.

We work in close collaboration from day one, identify the opportunities and removing blockers for innovation. With multidisciplinary teams we explore solutions from multiple angles and it’s common to have Data Scientists, Designers, Developer and Brand strategists working together.

You can find here some of our offerings and brands that we’ve been partnering locally and globally.

Digital Product Strategy & Business design

To build digital products and services that radically impact your business it’s important to dive deep on what’s holding you back.
We use a set of bespoke techniques to access the health of the area to be impacted by the new services and benchmark these against competitor and cross-industry best practices.

This usually requires heavy involvement of business leaders in the organization to help us identify the areas of focus and potential changes in the business that would enable a certain service to bring the necessary result.

During this process, we work together to identify where we are and the space that we are, the space that we want to occupy and the short-term, long-term roadmap to get there.

Content Strategy / Information Architecture

More often than not, the content for a project is treated as an after thought. People will come up with amazing ideas for functionalities and designs and later down the line they end up having to dove tail their content in non optimized interfaces.

At Reaktor we believe that defining the right content, from taxonomies to the actual data points in a functionality is crucial to deliver a project in time that address real customer needs.

In order to achieve that we utilize our collective brain power to research what users really need and what will solve actual business hurdles.

Design Sprints & Prototyping

A very famous technique propagated by IDEO and consolidated by the talented team at Google, it focus on validating complex ideas in very short period of time. This is a technique to mitigate risks and decide quickly where is worth investing money and time.

We have our own take on this, and our sprint might vary in time depending on the complexity of the projects, but in the end you’ll have a very useful business case to take forward.

During this process we bring stakeholders form multiple areas to collaborate with professionals from multiple disciplines. The goal here is experimentation and validation of ideas.

Concept Design & Service Design

A big part of our work is to come up with new or updated versions of digital products and services. We work together to conceptualize these new services based on user centered design techniques and constant business validation.

During this type of work we do strong technical investigations to make sure that not only the services can be built on current tech stacks, but also find incremental ways to improve your technical delivery capabilities.

At the end, all we want as clients, users and providers is to have a fully functioning service that solves real problems and capitalize on the right opportunities.

Digital Product Design & Delivery (UX/UI) -> The good stuff

Reaktor has a strong background in building award winning applications. After you have a solid foundation of what you want to build and why, our product design teams are responsible to elevate your brand.

The design delivery is on of the most crucial part of the project or the product gets designed to its fully extent and all business rules are constantly validated. The team composition is hybrid, bringing together designers, developer, services designers and UX experts to work closely to the client’s delivery team.

Design Audit

Before any new project is started, we look to support our clients identifying the Achilles heels of the current platforms. We rely heavily in heuristic analysis, A/B testing and analytics data to identify the main gaps. A big part of this work relies heavily on bringing users to the table, collecting their feedback and cross referencing with analysis from multiple experts: Designers, usability Experts, Analytics and Growth hacking, content and brand strategists.



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