Dear Future Colleague

Mira, Juhani and Timo standing together

⅓ of your life

That’s about how much time the average worker spends on the job. It equates to around 90,000 hours over a lifetime (although this varies depending on where you live and who you work for.)

With that kind of dedication to just one thing, don’t you think you should, you know, like it?

We’re all here because we want to be

Something drew us to this global community—whether it’s the exceptional talent, the genuinely good people, the exciting projects, the healthy work/life balance, the generous benefits, or a combination of each. And once we joined the team, we discovered more great things about Reaktor along the way. 

We want to share these thoughts with you, dear future colleague, because we know the people we bring in and the culture we create together are our most important assets. Reaktor doesn’t just attract developers, engineers and designers—we bring in the most curious minds in the industry who have a passion for improving not only what they work on, but everything they do…and themselves. 

So have a look around and read our personal essays. Each tells a unique story and gives a genuine perspective of what Reaktor is like, how it’s changed them, and what it’s meant.

If it matches what you want for ⅓ of your life, then join us.

Dear future colleague

A series of letters written by Reaktorians

Reaktor is for everyone

We’re a diverse mix that comes from all walks of life and sees the world through different lenses.


We have a job for you, as you are.

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