You are the company you keep

We’re not a non-profit organization, but we are active citizens. We chip in when we know we can make a difference.

There’s no pre-planned strategy, no separate corporate responsibility unit. But we are in the business of changing how the world works and that means we can also shape it for the better.

In the last twenty years, we’ve focused efforts on things we love and value and excel in, sectors like education, recruitment, and technology. As citizens, we treasure sustainability, diversity, and accountability – the act of being human.

Ours is a company full of good people who do good things. Here are a few of our favorite projects.

Empowering millions of New Yorkers to reclaim the waterfront

The nonprofit organization + POOL wanted to change New Yorkers’ dated perceptions on the city’s water quality (it’s much better than we think!) and came to Reaktor for a product that could visualize complicated live water quality research in an engaging and approachable manner. With near-real-time data on the water quality of the East River, our new pioneering dashboard demystifies what it means to interact with water in a major global city.

Black Girls Code

It’s a blast diving into problem-solving, journey mapping, and product thinking with the girls at Black Girls Code. We love to mentor bright minds and are committed to increasing the share of women of color in our industry.

Reaktor Space

Satellites are a core focus for us and they’re taking us farther than ever. That includes new ways of monitoring climate change. Our satellite technology will be able to spot forest fires, gas leakages, and even illegal fishing vessels.

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