You are the company you keep

We’re not a non-profit organization, but we are active citizens. We chip in when we know we can make a difference.

There’s no pre-planned strategy, no separate corporate responsibility unit. But we are in the business of changing how the world works and that means we can also shape it for the better.


In the last nearly twenty years, we’ve focused efforts on things we love and value and excel in, sectors like education, recruitment, and technology. As citizens, we treasure sustainability, diversity, and accountability – the act of being human.

Ours is a company full of good people who do good things. Here are a few of our favorite projects.

Designing for children’s rights guide

An international collaboration integrating children’s rights into the heart of the design process. We were proud to support the initiative and serve as mentors for the co-creation of the official guide. Children deserve the highest level of expertise and engagement we can provide.


Compensate is a non-profit foundation aiming at diminishing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by building a system where carbon dioxide emissions caused by our consumption can be compensated easily at the time of the purchase. It’s an honor for us to partner with them to find better ways to fight climate change.

Flow Festival x Reaktor

Flow Festival is a leading European music and arts boutique festival taking place in Helsinki, Finland. We partnered with the festival and created a campaign in which festival-goers could donate their bottle deposits to fight climate change. With one deposit donated, one tree was planted. The goal was to show through example how service design can create an impact through transforming an existing value chain.


We help FAO of UN ramp up the fight against climate change with modern tech.

Reaktor Code School for Kids

Reaktor Code School for Kids, now with locations in New York City and across Finland, provides an exciting introduction to the basics of programming for all children between the ages of 5 and 9. Lessons are fun, free of charge, and taught by Reaktor developers.

United Nations

AI, when used right, provides us with wonderful opportunities. We offered our thoughts on the topic at a recent UN Conference, titled Frontier Technologies for Accelerating Sustainable Development. Speakers included a cross-section of government and UN leaders, academic researchers, and private sector innovators.

Career Growth Discussions

We believe the best kind of professional growth happens when we’re learning alongside other experts. That’s why we decided to collect our tried-and-tested professional growth methods into a simple handbook. Take control of your career and download our new guide to professional development!

Future Female

We want to educate the next generation of leaders and elevate women’s voices in the tech space. The event we organized with Future Female for International Women’s Day focused on the future of EdTech.

Elements of AI

Education shouldn’t be reserved for the few, or the rich. That’s why we set out with the University of Helsinki to train 1% of the world on the basics of artificial intelligence. We built a simple free online course and rallied everyone to sign up for it.

Design Details

Whenever we find a fantastic podcast we can’t stop talking about it. Design Details human-centered look at the design process really resonates with us. We’re proud to support it.


With Techqueria we advance Latinx-centered spaces that center on career advice, technical talks, mentorship, open jobs, upcoming events/conferences, and speaking opportunities — even where to get great food.

Hello World Open

This one’s for the history books: We’re proud to have organized the world’s first championships in coding. The Hello World Open games were way for us to say hello, unite coders around the world, and open up the field to the general public, turning coding into a national sport.

UN Women

The seminar we hosted on the eve of International Women’s Day, with the Finnish National Committee for UN Women, explored the possibilities of digital innovation in driving a more equal society.

LEGO x Reaktor Code School

The coding school we set up with LEGO is fun for us and fun for the little ones. Most of all, it’s fun for the parents – they deserve a little time off too.


Black Girls Code

It’s a blast diving into problem-solving, journey mapping, and product thinking with the girls at Black Girls Code. We love to mentor bright minds and are committed to increasing the share of women of color in our industry.


Reaktor Space

Satellites are a core focus for us and they’re taking us farther than ever. That includes new ways of monitoring climate change. Our satellite technology will be able to spot forest fires, gas leakages, and even illegal fishing vessels.

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