Sports Tracker

Reinventing the original fitness tracking app

Sports Tracker partnered with Reaktor to grow its user base by redesigning and relaunching the app on iOS. The solution: a sophisticated app experience that is a joy to use, outdoors and in.

Sports Tracker has been available to consumers since 2006, when it was first launched on Nokia Symbian phones. Today, millions of people all over the world use Sports Tracker to track their progress and keep tabs on how much exercise they’re getting.

However, the iOS version had started showing its age and user numbers were declining. The old code base was expensive and time-consuming to maintain, and the user experience wasn’t on par with the flagship Android version. Sports Tracker – which had recently been acquired by sporting goods company Amer Sports, whose portfolio includes brands such as Wilson, Atomic and Salomon – was looking to reinvent its iOS experience and come out with a refreshed, modern app that could convince new audiences to take it up.

Starting from scratch

Together with the Sports Tracker development team, Reaktor attacked the project on all fronts, from concept to design, code base and tech stack. Starting from scratch meant that the team could freely choose modern development tools that make for easy upkeep; it also enabled a close consideration of each and every feature.

The team introduced rigorous agile development methods that made it possible to develop the new app quickly and efficiently, while keeping all relevant stakeholders in the loop. By working in the same space and communicating closely with project stakeholders, and introducing daily practices such as demos and retros, the team could make decisions faster and increase awareness of the project within the company. What’s best, these ways of working were also taken up by some other teams within the company – including the Android development team.

A new way to follow your friends and interesting athletes

The driving idea behind the new concept is focus – giving users what they need and want right from the get-go, and eliminating needless noise. At the heart of this is the new home feed: a simple yet powerful view that combines your own workouts with updates from people you follow and relevant content from other Amer Sports’ brands.

Bringing all of your friends’ updates into the same feed as your own workouts makes it easy to see what others are up to, and give a little encouragement in the form of a comment or a like. Enabling social interaction directly from the home feed helps keep up motivation – and ultimately makes the app more fun to use.

In the next phase, users will also be able to follow interesting athletes from Amer Sports’ brands, as well as other users doing similar sports or training.

The perfect training aid that helps you reach your goals

The new app is designed to support the formation of exercise habits and to make tracking your own progress extra-simple. Added workout analysis makes it possible to track progress over time, so you can look at a whole month or year in one view.

Users can also compete against their previous performance on the same route, and get detailed analysis on their performance, while notifications and the fun, lightly competitive leaderboard make it easier than ever to stay motivated.

Redesigned visuals lighten up the Sports Tracker experience

The new iOS app is the first application of the renewed Sports Tracker brand. The change is apparent from the moment you open up the app: the black background that had been the Sports Tracker hallmark since its inception is now white, allowing content and photography to take center stage.

Along with the lighter look, a streamlined user experience and clearer graphs make the app easy to use – even while out in sunshine or on the trail.

Try it for yourself – the new Sports Tracker app is now available on iOS

“One of the most valuable aspects of the project was Reaktor's rigorous use of the latest, tested agile methods – we’ve been able to start using these across the company.”
Antti Sorvari, Head of Software Development & Co-Founder

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