Building an application that cares

When faced with health concerns, you deal with a lot more than just getting a doctor’s appointment or some tests run – the time before, in between as well as after appointments is also an important part of a customer’s experience.

Mehiläinen partnered with us in order to better meet their customers’ needs through the whole process of getting better.

We built an application to store all of a customer’s health information in their phone. Health records of the whole family, medication details and tips, laboratory results and new appointments all reside in one service. The newest addition to the service is a digital clinic.

Mehiläinen in 2015

Over 1M

Customers all over Finland


Visits to the clinics


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Overall sales

Starting point

Mehiläinen Group is a Finnish provider of private healthcare and social services. In addition to offering top-tier healthcare services, Mehiläinen pays attention to the quality of their clinic experience. Yet taking care of a customer’s problem seldom starts and ends inside a doctor’s office.

Scheduling call times and follow-up appointments, sharing laboratory result information and related next steps as well as giving additional advice on medication prescriptions are all vital parts of the interaction between a customer and the clinic.

However, keeping track of these kinds of details easily cause unnecessary hassle and confusion in the midst of already stressful health issues. Mehiläinen wanted to provide their customers with a solution that takes all extra pressure off their shoulders.

From a checkup to an end-to-end service

After several rounds of customer and specialist interviews, it became evident that visits to Mehiläinen’s clinics were already well-rounded; the most common customer challenges took place outside of Mehiläinen’s premises.

Our solution was to first build an app to take care of the patient at every stage of getting better and then bring the clinic to the customer’s phone.

Better experiences, feature by feature

The work started with mapping out, designing and developing the most essential features of helping the customer through their health issues.

Keeping track of the health records of the whole family was made easy by linking together ‘family profiles’ of health records and medical prescriptions. Referrals to specialists can now be found in one folder, and booking new appointments is only a couple of taps away.

“The app was aimed at both occupational health and private customers in order to best attend to the customers who use Mehiläinen’s services the most: people with, for example, both occupational health services and children’s health care at Mehiläinen,” says Minttu Paukkunen, UX designer of the team behind the app.

Constant validation and continuous improvement

Both the concept work and development for OmaMehiläinen was done in four months. 3000 customers tried out the app, and it is constantly being developed to better anticipate and respond to customers’ needs.

The OmaMehiläinen team consists of a user experience designer, visual designer and developers from Reaktor, as well as Mehiläinen’s own developers. One of Mehiläinen’s doctors also joined the team. It was evident that it is vitally important to have a medical professional as an integral part of the team to help validate design decisions and provide valuable information on the conventions of the profession.

Reception in the digital age

The logical next step was to offer customers a digital reception service. With the digital reception, a vast amount of transactions of Mehiläinen’s 500 million euro business will be handled through the app.

This addition will significantly reduce the amount of unneeded visits to the clinic – a great deal of all diagnosis and advice do not require a physical visit to the clinic. The feature also offers a convenient platform for low-threshold communications between a doctor and a patient by enabling a chat and media uploads.

Download OmaMehiläinen for iOS here and for Android here

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