Design Tampere

UX Designer, Tampere

We’re looking for user experience designer to join our local team in Tampere. You will be working as a team member in one of our digital product creation teams. Your role is crucial in ensuring the products and services match the high quality we strive to create. While helping our customers shine, you have a unique opportunity to shape the future of Reaktor Tampere.

What we’re like

At Reaktor, we pride ourselves on a culture that is open, respectful and human. Reaktorians are a friendly, curious bunch – in addition to being some of the sharpest minds around. Here, you’ll get to work on meaningful projects and be a part of a unique community of passionate professionals. We’re all about setting you up to succeed.

We constantly challenge ourselves and our clients to achieve the best possible outcome. Doing what others consider unrealistic is our bread and butter. As a Reaktorian, you get to work in and learn from hybrid teams with experts ranging from engineering to AI, business consulting, design, content and data. You get the chance to work with both local customers and international clients.

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What you'll do

Here are some examples of what you might be doing on a daily basis:

  • Help understand customers’ challenges and context
  • Conduct user research and elaborate concrete real-world use cases
  • Use simulation-based methods for designing fluent customer flows and desirable user interfaces 
  • Present your design decisions to stakeholders
  • Scope the project into meaningful parts
  • Validate the designs as early as possible by testing with mock-ups and prototypes, later by observing the usage of a working launched product
  • Continuously improve the solution via iterative releases and user feedback

What we’re looking for

A designer who can make things happen

At Reaktor, UX designers see their work and the designs they create as a part of the whole. They enjoy working in teams of people with diverse skills, and they have a holistic view of the solution. They strive to optimize the entirety instead of its parts. 

As a designer, you 

  • Have a good understanding of modern technologies and design systems
  • Have experience in gathering customer insight with different methodologies
  • Communicate your design decisions fluently
  • Have solid experience in working as part of an agile development team
  • Have taken part in end-to-end production of digital products
  • Choose your design tools depending on the context: whether it’s pen and paper, Figma or something else
  • Speak Finnish and English fluently
  • Urge to develop your skills and expand your view of the work
  • Light up when talking about good design or successful teamwork

If you believe you’re the person we’re looking for, please introduce yourself! Please provide a few detailed case examples of your recent work. We’re interested in the why, what and how.